Summer Sunrise Punch

My sister, Mary Ellen, is the Queen of Punch. She is amazing; she has a punch recipe for everything. In the South, it is a tradition to match the punch color to the wedding colors. Mary Ellen can match them all. Even if your wedding color is the most delicate shade of purple, she has your punch.

Bridal showers, baby showers, wedding receptions, house warming parties, graduation parties, any occasion when we can have a party needs a great beverage, and in the South nothing makes a great party like punch. Now punch can be a variety of things. You can have punch that is fruity and sweet, punch that is rich and decadent, punch that is even made with coffee (it’s like having a giant bowl of iced coffee).

In the summer, I love to make punches that aren’t too sweet. Something icy and cool for these sweltering humid days. One of my favorite punch recipes came from my sister’s husband’s grandmother. My sister has made this as a breakfast punch, perfect for a brunch party. She has also made it for many baby showers and bridal showers. But it is equally delicious as a drink to relax with on the front porch with a fan while you watch the children run through the sprinklers.

Make a batch of this delicious tropical punch to keep in your refrigerator this summer. Sit down with a tall glass and waste the afternoon away, enjoy the summer and watch the sun melt in to the sky.