Stop Poisoning Yourself – The Alternative Approach

By: Roy Williams

Americans have been deceived into poisoning themselves for many years now, and what is really unfortunate is that it has all been approved by the FDA. You read it right; you are being poisoned by the air you breathe, the water you drink, the food you eat, the cosmetics you use, the materials used in building your home. Unfortunately, the government agency that is supposed to protect you has approved them in spite of the fact that they know they are toxic.

Please allow me to make another bold statement. These FDA approved chemicals are the main reasons cancer is epidemic in America. I am convinced that, if you have enough money, you can get any chemical approved for human consumption, even those that are known carcinogens.

Ever get into a new car and think to yourself, “Boy, that smells good!”? Many people love that new car smell. Truth be told, what you are breathing is toxic. Most building materials used to build your home are toxic. Have the pest control people come out and spray your home, and you are being poisoned. What is really disturbing is that you can make your home almost totally pest resistant with an essential oil called peppermint oil.

Our water supply is so inundated with industrial hormones that our children’s estrogen levels are high enough to cause girls to develop breast and begin menstrual cycles almost 5 years sooner than they did just 50 years ago. Take in to account the chlorine and fluoride that is added to our water supply, and you begin to understand what I am talking about.

Drugs, such as those used to treat depression, menopause, and birth control, are now being found in our water supply. Those estrogen-mimicking drugs have been linked to higher instances of breast, uterine, and cervical cancers.

The food industry adds preservatives to make the food last longer without even thinking about the long-term effect it has on our health. To keep plants from being destroyed by bugs and animals, farmers use pesticides and herbicides which can end up in our food and water supply, as well. Many of these chemicals are called industrial hormones. The dyes used to make our food more visually appealing have been proven repeatedly to cause allergic reactions and other physical illnesses.

Even lotions, shampoos, hair sprays, hair dyes, antiperspirants, lipsticks, and toothpastes can all be toxic. Your skin is like a sponge, soaking up the toxins, which may be cancer-causing chemicals, used to give them color, make them smell good, and make them lather and clean better. Many toxic chemicals that are added may be absorbed into your blood stream upon contact with your skin.

As you can see, we are being poisoned by almost everything we take into our bodies. It is becoming harder and harder to make good choices concerning the air we breathe; the water we drink; the food we eat; the drugs we are prescribed; and the lotions, soaps and cosmetics we use.

So, allow me to give you some commonsense advice about how to reduce your exposure and how to clean up the pollution that may already be in your body. Yes, it is possible to avoid some of the toxins and even, in many cases, purge many of the pollutions from your body.

Many of the toxins we breathe may come from the carpeting in our homes and businesses. Using air purification systems has helped many people. Learning to avoid the chemicals that serve no purpose other than making something smell good, look good,
or taste good is helpful. Even though it is practically impossible to avoid the industrial hormones that are in the air, food, and water, we can use some well-known supplements to help move them out of out of your body.

At Herbs & More, we suggest everyone do a full-body detox every year. It is just a matter of following some basic instructions which we will give you.

Benefits people have shared with us:

1) Up to 5 pounds of weight loss without exercise.
2) More energy and stamina.
3) Better concentration and clearer thinking.
4) Less pain, especially in the back and joints.
5) Better medical reports, including lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, less inflammation and pain, improved cardiac output, improved kidney function, improved liver enzyme profiles, fewer sweet cravings, fewer headaches, reduced heavy metals, fewer mood swings, and lower cholesterol profiles.

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Your friend in health,
Roy P. Williams