Sticking To Resolutions?

1-3-2014 6-49-08 PMIt is the dawn of a new year. It is time for the annual resolution to be better, do more, eat less, or whatever promise you make to yourself. But will you stick to it? I know I have the hardest time sticking to resolutions. Every year I look for help.

This year I read an article by Dan Ariely and Kristen Berman, “5 Tips for a Better 2014,” on Dan Ariely is a professor of Psychology at Duke University and Kristen Berman is the founder of Irrational Labs, a not-for-profit organization that works with people who act irrationally.

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The article suggested, “Working out every day takes a lot of ongoing willpower. Joining a gym is nice but still requires the daily decision to go to the gym. Instead, a better approach is to set up recurring weekly “meetings” with friends or co-workers for workouts. This kind of social obligation is likely to hold you, and them, accountable to show up, and once you have shown up, you might as well start sweating.”

I know that this will work. Last month I decided I would join the Wellness Center. I could think of a thousand reasons not to go until my mom decided to join also. Now we go together three mornings a week and I would never think of skipping out on Mom. Without ever saying a word, Mom holds me accountable for my fitness program. I also have a son who goes five days a week and works out a couple of hours each day. I am still wishing I had that will power but have not gotten there yet.

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Another suggestion was for those who want to eat right for the New Year. When you are trying to change your diet, one of the best ways is to eat more fruit and vegetables. The article says “Order an annual subscription to the Fruit Guy. By committing to a weekly service that delivers fresh fruit, we make having healthy food a reality. This approach has the added sweet side effect of urgency. Every week when the fruit is delivered, we know all too well that if we fail to consume the fruit in the next week, more of it will show up and we will have to waste the unused fruit. I might try this effort. Wonder if it will work?

However you decide to work out your resolution for a better new year, remember that learning happens every day. At the Center for Lifelong Learning we have learning opportunities every day. Call 256-233-8262 for information or go to the website – See you there soon!
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By: Wanda Campbell

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