Staying Young – Aging Healthfully

By: Roy Williams

With the technology and scientific information available today, we can slow down the aging process and, in most cases, reverse the signs of aging by decades. We are not talking about covering up the signs of aging either; we are talking about actually reversing them.

Looking old, according to many, is a disease process. Some examples are crows’ feet around the eyes, bags under the eyes, sagging skin, varicose and spider veins, thin skin, decreased libido, weight gain, inability to sleep well, cellulite, curvature of the spine, mood swings, hot flashes, low energy, weak nails, and poor-quality hair.

What if you could use supplementation and stop the disease processes that are actually causing those signs of aging, would you be interested? Wouldn’t that be more desirable, less expensive, and less painful than using chemical laden makeup, painful surgeries, and prescription drugs?

As Americans learn the truth about aging and the disease processes, I believe they will begin to make better decisions, and that is what this article is all about. We all agree that the truth will set us free.

Truth is, looking old is a process caused by things that anyone who really wishes to can stop and reverse. In order to do that, you must avoid the causes and provide your body with the materials that will help you maintain a much more youthful and sensual look throughout your life.

Dehydration is the most common reason for the early signs of aging. Americans are not drinking enough water. I am amazed at the number of people that tell me they don’t like water. We are a spoiled nation.

America has been sold a bill of goods concerning water and just how important mineralized water is to our overall health. We think that everything we put into our bodies has to taste good. A real disaster is that our children are being raised to believe that everything they drink has to be sweet.

For your body to look and operate like you are still in your twenties or thirties, you must drink mineralized water, consume nutrients in sufficient amounts, and balance your hormones as you age. Drugs, cosmetic chemicals, or surgeries will not solve the problems associated with dehydration and lack of nutrition, yet those are the most common things most people use to look younger.

Does putting a new coat of paint on an old barn actually make it new again? Will taking a prescription drug or getting a face lift actually make you younger? You may look younger, but will your body feel and perform like you are younger? The anti-aging profession, in most cases, is simply treating the symptoms of the problem without getting to the root cause.

Actually Reverse Aging

Have you ever seen one of those people, well into their senior years, who looked and obviously felt much younger than they actually were? You know, radiant, wrinkle-free skin; youthful walk; great energy; perfect weight; and loving attitude? Believe me, looking and feeling that way is not an accident, and it is not just good genetics.

Just as sure as you can stay slender by making better food choices and eating less, you can look and feel younger by making some proven choices to support your overall health. Not only will you look and feel years younger in just one to five months, you will save thousands on medical and cosmetic bills as you age gracefully.

Actually, solving the disease called aging requires us to consume up to one-half our body weight in ounces of water daily. Because minerals are essential to a life without deficiency disease (looking old as we age), you must supplement with minerals added to your water or supplement with a product that provides all 79 minerals and trace elements. We believe that it is easier to add a teaspoon of the Humic/Fulvic minerals to distilled water and drink every day.

Because we know that our food supply is deficient of nutrients, to slow down and even stop the symptoms of aging, everyone should support collagen in their body. Collagen is the most important support factor of all soft-cell tissue, which includes soft, smooth, youthful, and wrinkle free skin. It also makes your hair and fingernails stronger and more radiant looking, not to mention the overall health enhancing benefits.

Another important factor for looking and feeling younger is maintaining healthy levels of hormones within the body. Remember how great you felt when you were in your twenties and thirties? Supporting normal hormone levels is easier than you think, thanks to a new transdermal gel you simply rub on two times a day, five days a week.

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Your friend in health,

Roy P. Williams