Stay Focused

By: Nick Thomas

If you want to surpass the masses and achieve your big dreams, it takes discipline and focus DAILY! I addressed discipline a few weeks ago, so now it is time to talk about its counterpart — focus.

What is focus? Focus is your center of interest, the state or quality of having or producing clear visual definition. Let that sink in. Read it again.

When it comes to what keeps you going, what allows you to achieve the goals which you set forth and sets you apart from everyone else, focus is a huge factor. You get what you focus on, so it is important to focus on what you want. The world we live in is full of distractions and fast-paced changes daily. Everyone has their own life and most are doing well just to keep up, staying in a constant state of survival. I believe you can defy this norm!

You should enjoy your journey and even the grind along the way because you have clear, defined focus driven by your passion which will never cease to keep you fighting to improve. To do this, you must stay focused on having a set plan of attack each day, even putting pen to paper and writing down the steps you will take every morning so that it truly stays your focus. These simple actions will get you closer to your dreams. Having a proactive approach gives you an edge and clear positive outlook, instead of just reacting to what’s happening to you each day; you have enough control to be ahead of the majority of events, keeping you in an offensive mindset as opposed to a defensive, more negative, mindset. Cut out any interaction or task which is not positively supporting your goals; it doesn’t matter what others are doing, it matters what you are doing. Starve your distraction and feed your focus. Where your focus goes, your energy will follow.

After figuring out the right course of action, the key is to follow it consistently until you achieve success. This takes patience, discipline, and a positive attitude which is unaffected by the world around you. It also takes an incredible amount of self-awareness and evaluation to remain on the course and make any minor corrections needed along the way because let’s be real, no one is perfect and adjustments will be needed. Be bold, take risks, and be willing to learn from your mistakes. Put your blinders on and stay on your path, looking dead ahead at your goals. By focusing on YOUR path it removes the element of competition, remember your only competition is you!

Let your passion fuel you; do not be dependent on others. No one will have the desire or ability to achieve your goals more than you!

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By: Nick Thomas
Owner of Prime Performance Training, and Certified Sports Nutritionist