Something Is Missing…Where Have They Gone?

You may have noticed that something has changed around town. Something is missing and you just can’t put your finger on it.

It might just be that you are missing the Beautification Awards that graced properties of well-kept businesses, churches, and government buildings in Athens and Limestone County. They have vanished! So where have they gone?

Never fear! They have been removed so that those in need of cleaning and repair can get a bit of a facelift. The Athens-Limestone Beautification Board, a part of the KALB organization, also wanted to establish new guidelines for the award process. A committee met and discussed some of the needed changes, and has developed guidelines which should serve the community well.

Beginning now, YOU can be part of the award process! Here is how you can get in on the action to reward a lovely local business, church, or government facility.

New Guidelines for Beautification Awards
In an effort to recognize exemplary efforts to enhance the beauty of Athens and Limestone County, and to promote the increase and importance of green space, the Athens-Limestone Beautification Board will place Award signs on properties using the following process:

• The public, including business owners, will have the opportunity to nominate businesses, industries, churches, and government buildings located within Limestone County to be included in the judging process.
• Nominations will be accepted through May 15th this year. Nominations may be made online at or a form can be picked up at the KALB office. The Beautification Board will also have forms available at their booth at the Earth Day & Outdoor EXPO on April 29th at Friendship Church. The form is simple to complete; just be sure to have the address of the business available.
• Nominated businesses shall receive notification along with a copy of the judging criteria and time frame for judging.
• Volunteers will be recruited from outside of Limestone County to act as impartial judges.
• The top 20 properties with the highest scores will receive a Beautification Award sign to display on their property for one year.

Guidelines for Retention of Signs
• Signs are awarded for one year; however, if a business does not keep the property up to the standards of the award criteria, the board will notify that business giving them 14 days to correct stated problems. If the problems are not remedied in a timely manner, the board reserves the right to remove the Beautification Award sign prior to the end of one year.

• At the end of one year, this process will begin again and all businesses wishing to be judged must be nominated, including businesses that have previously received award signs.

So what are you waiting for? When you see a beautiful business, industry, church, school, or government building, jot down the information and nominate them. You may nominate as many as you like!

For more information on the Beautification Awards process, contact KALB.
By: Lynne Hart