Shredding, Electronics Collection, Drug Take-Back Event In Athens – Nov 10

By: Lynne Hart

We are constantly advised to protect our identity, and one way to do that is to shred documents that contain important personal information. Not everyone has a paper shredder at home. Even if they do, papers often accumulate to the point that it would take hours to get it all shredded using a small machine.

We are also encouraged to recycle our old or broken electronics; however, not everyone can get to the recycling center during the week.

There will also be a perfect opportunity to finally rid your cabinets of unused or outdated prescription and over-the-counter medications to be sure they never get into the wrong hands.

On Saturday, November 10, the Better Business Bureau, Athens-Limestone Recycling Center (a division of KALB), and the Athens Police Department are teaming up to help solve these problems. The event is provided free of charge (except for a $10 fee per TV set) and will be located at the Athens Middle School (the old high school) from 9:00 a.m. until noon. Volunteers will be ready to unload items so drivers won’t have to exit their vehicles.


Although there have been shredding opportunities nearby, there hasn’t been one in Athens for some time. Thanks to the Better Business Bureau, all residents will have the opportunity to bring up to 3 large boxes or bags of documents to be shred on site by a commercial shredding company. All shredded paper will then be recycled.

If you shred your own documents at home, it is important that you are aware the Athens-Limestone Recycling Center on Lucas Ferry Rd. accepts shredded paper. You may leave the paper in a bag so it won’t create litter once you place it in the appropriate collection bin in front of the center.

Bags of shredded paper can also be dropped off at any of the community collection centers located throughout Limestone County. For a list of community collection center locations, visit our website and click the Recycling tab for further information.


Often people are confused about what constitutes electronics when it comes to recycling. Many people only think of computers and related equipment.

Anything that runs on batteries or has an electrical cord is considered electronics. All items are accepted free of charge except TV Sets. There is a $10 fee per TV. So will we take printers? Yes. A broken toaster? Yes. A working VCR that no one uses? Yes. A microwave oven? Yes. Large appliances? Yes, most of the time. Please call the Recycling Center at 256-233-8746 before delivering large items.

If you can’t make it to this event, remember electronics are accepted Monday through Friday at the Athens-Limestone Recycling Center during business hours.

Drug Take Back

Accepted: Prescription or over-the-counter drugs, vitamins, patches, vet meds, and controlled substances.

Not Accepted: Liquids and needles

Please remember that medicines flushed down the toilet can pollute our waterways and contaminate our food and water supplies. Even at low levels, aquatic life can be harmed by medicines in the environment. Many medicines are not fully removed by wastewater treatment plants or septic systems; therefore, the safest method to dispose of medications is at a drug take back event where the drugs will be handled in a way that will keep the environment safe.

KALB and our recycling center are so pleased to partner with the Better Business Bureau and the Athens Police Department to bring these important services to our community. We hope you will take advantage of this opportunity.
By: Lynne Hart
Executive Coordinator – Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful