Shooting The Rapids: Leading In A Time of Change

2014-04-18_15-42-43Shooting the Rapids is the name of a log flume at an amusement park and the name of a song by Robert Bennett. It is also a term for canoeing over rocks on swift water. At the Center for Lifelong Learning, “Shooting the Rapids” is an analogy for change. Today’s society is moving at break-neck speed. Whether you are a student, an employee, a supervisor, or a business owner, you had better be ready for change.

On April 29, from 9:00am to 12:00 pm, the Center for Lifelong Learning and the Curtis Coleman Center for Religious Studies and Ethics will sponsor a forum called “Shooting the Rapids: Leading in a Time of Change.” The forum will be held at the Center for Lifelong Learning located at 121 South Marion Street. There is a $25 charge for admission. Please register early.


“This leadership event in change management includes training and coaching to sharpen skills in a time of change. Everyone is a leader and anyone is welcome to come. The discussion is geared towards those who are already in leadership positions or have leadership responsibilities, said Dr. Robert White, director of the Curtis Coleman Center for Religious Studies and Ethics.

One guest speaker for the forum is Lieutenant General (Retired) James Pillsbury who is the former commander of Redstone Arsenal. Pillsbury has lots of experiences with change in his 38-year career in the military. He was recognized for his innovation and as a “gifted leader” by Ann Dunwoody of Army Material Command in an article published in The Huntsville Times in May 2011.


Dr. Robert Glenn, President of Athens State University, is another speaker for the forum. Dr. Glenn became the 36th President of Athens State University in August 2008. The University has gone from a post-secondary college to an independent college – a tremendous change for Athens State University. Dr. Glenn completed his undergraduate degree at Birmingham-Southern College and his Master’s and Doctorate degrees from the University of Alabama. Dr. Glenn cites his training as a counselor, and specifically his training in the Individual Psychology of Alfred Adler, as a major force in shaping his educational philosophy.

Tom Hill is the Executive Director of the Limestone County Economic Development Association. His contribution to the panel represents the business interests in our county. According to the LCEDA website, Limestone County is one of the fastest growing counties in the state and we offer a highly educated staff pool and attractive business incentives for businesses who consider moving here.

Another guest speaker is Athens-Limestone United Way Executive Director Kaye Young McFarlen. McFarlen represents the volunteer agencies and non-profit organizations for Limestone county.

“Leadership is a skill best learned by example,” said Center for Lifelong Learning Director, Diane Sauers. “I believe we have, for this forum panel, pulled together a great team that exemplifies the most important traits to help all of us lead.”

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By: Wanda Campbell