Shoe Gallery II Sponsors A Men’s Dance Off At The Pink Elephant Luncheon

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9-20-2013 2-30-15 PMTerri Dunn at the Shoe Gallery II in Athens has always been a big supporter of anything pink. Several years ago she hosted an event called “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes.” Guys walked in high heels around the courthouse square to raise money for a breast cancer cause.

Last October, Terri began a new event. She decided to gather a group of charismatic gentlemen to dance in high heels at the 5th Annual Pink Elephant Luncheon. It was such a big hit, that she decided to do it again; only this year she has recruited help. Ten ladies each have a pair of high heeled shoes, and they are scouring the county to find guys to wear the shoes this year at the luncheon. These ladies are Lisa Norris, Lauren Laye, Tiffany Pack, Sonya Inman, Carolyn Stair, Lacy Williams, Lacy Beth Newton, Amelia Smith, Julie Coblenz, and Holly Hollman. Proceeds from the Pink Elephant Luncheon will benefit the Pink Elephant Mammogram Scholarship Fund at Athens-Limestone Hospital.

The Mammogram Scholarship Fund makes it possible for women who either do not have health care insurance, or their insurance doesn’t cover a mammogram. In order to qualify for the Scholarship, your physician must have the mammogram scheduled to be conducted at Athens Limestone Hospital. If you are interested in being considered for a scholarship, or are wanting to donate to the scholarship fund, you can register at the Foundation website at The Foundation is a 501 C-3 organization, and all donations are tax deductible.

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Terri’s own passion for seeing women beat the “Big C” stems from walking her mom through a battle with breast cancer. Thankfully, Terri’s mom is one of the success stories, and has been cancer free for several years. It is because of her mom that she has gotten into the fight.

“This year is bigger and better,” said Terri. “We have more guys, and more shoes.” The shoes are sponsored, and there are prizes both for the guys, and the gals who have tracked them down and convinced them that dancing about in high heels for the sake of women’s health is a good idea.

“The guy who generates the most applause while he dances gets a weekend at the beach at the condo of Doctor Bignault,” she told me, and the gal who raises the most money wins their own weekend at the condo as well,” she added. WHNT News Channel 19’s cameraman Dion Hose is one of the “celebs” who will be “kickin’ it,” and Lisa Norris, the station’s anchor will also be at the event.

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The Foundation’s Pink Elephant Luncheon is sponsored in part by the Vera Bradley Breast Cancer Foundation. The Vera Bradley Company began their Foundation in 1998, and has raised millions for breast cancer research. The two founders, Barbara Bradley Backgaard and Patricia Miller, have travelled all over the world raising money to beat this dreaded disease, and the hospital is pleased to be in partnership with them.

Limestone County, you don’t want to miss the Dance Off or the luncheon! Please join us at the Pink Elephant Luncheon on October 16, 2013 at the Limestone County Event Center at noon. Tickets are $30 each and can be purchased by visiting the website, mailing a check to 100 Sanders St. Athens, AL. 35611, or calling 256-233-9236.
By: Shelli Waggoner with Ali Elizabeth Turner