Self Defense Solutions: Protecting And Empowering Adults Teens And Kids

I met Self Defense Solutions owner and Director of Operations Cameron Bucy in the process of doing an article for Craig’s Guns and Ammo, and they recommended him as a superb firearms trainer. I needed handgun instruction myself, and was intrigued that he had a class especially for women. I took it, and during the “course of the course,” found Cam to be professional, experienced in all facets of firearms training, sharp, and above all, an excellent and patient teacher. What I also appreciated about him was that he thought like the SEALS as well as private personal security detail guys I knew in Iraq, and we could discuss various personal security scenarios that don’t typically get taught in most self-defense or firearm courses. He incorporates Executive Protection concepts and tactics into his personal defense and tactical handgun courses.

“There is a problem with what I call the narrow path of self defense,” says Cam, as opposed to what he does, i.e. teaching what is known as “situational awareness.” “Being aware of your circumstances is the most important part of protecting yourself, becoming a hard target, not a soft target.” He boldly states, “Your adversary does not come out of nowhere, they were already there, and you just were not paying attention. Bad guys are profiling you, and you better learn how to profile them.” Guys look for people who are walking and texting, on their phone while they are heading toward their car, and in general distracted and disconnected from their surroundings. “The narrow path is strictly about what to do once the attack starts, and situational awareness is about understanding your physical surroundings, as well as the mind and body of your attacker. Becoming a hard target will prompt your adversary to find a ‘soft’ or easier target.”

To help our citizens, military, private security, and law enforcement community, Cam has developed the “Combative Hands” course, and I had the opportunity to both sit in on and participate in one part of the five part course. There were both women and men in the class, ranging from a spunky young woman in her ‘20s, to a female senior citizen who is every inch the Southern lady. Let me tell you, I was surprised by the strength and skill of the senior woman, and it was her very first exposure to both the physical as well as mental demands of protecting herself. Cam gave individualized and personal instruction to each of us, and I left the class with more confidence.
So, what does Cam do when he’s not teaching how to shoot, break holds and disable your attacker? He and his team protect everyone from the kids at East Limestone High School during their prom, to a former White House cabinet member, to CEOs who have had to close down a plant, as well as, escorting VIPs during business travels, and people being stalked. Regarding the prom, a guest at the hotel at which the prom was being held came up to Cam during the event and said, “Who do you have here that’s so important?” His reply? “Every one of these kids.” Incidentally, several parents contacted SDS afterwards and said, “This is the first time we could relax while our kids were at the prom because we had no doubt you would keep them safe.” If you are his client, you are protected as though you are the President of the United States. His motto is, “If an attacker gets anywhere near you, we haven’t done our job. Our job it to protect our principle or ‘client’ from accident, injury, embarrassment and personal harm.”

Cam has more than 25 years of security experience, and a hand trained core crew of 4 men and 2 women, including his wife, who is a counselor in the Madison County School System. He also has more protection specialists available for larger details that involve crowds, or if the threat or risk assessments change.

He has taught Active Shooter Event seminars and Situational Safety Awareness at NASA, Redstone Arsenal, small businesses, churches, club based organizations, and to parents.

Recently Cam became certified by Phil Chalmers, (who is considered to be the foremost authority on school shootings and juvenile homicide,) to teach police, teachers, principals, parents and kids from 7th through 12th grades everything that has to do with preventing and surviving a school shooting. Chalmers (and Cam) pull no punches about what sets up an event, from the role of violent entertainment images and music, to substance abuse, sexting and other factors that can precipitate a school shooting. Cam teaches adults and kids what to do in case a shooting occurs, but the most important aspects have much more to do with prevention, detection, and preparation, as well as, education on the triggers, signs and causes of a teen shooter. In addition, in the “True Lies” school assembly exposes the roll bullying plays in many school shootings, and teaches kids how to become “bully proof.”

As we chatted in Starbuck’s, I asked him what I should do if someone came in to the store and started shooting. First try to get out, if you can’t, create an exit by throwing a chair or table through a window. Secondly, hide where you cannot be found, and third, fight back,” (which he’ll show you how to do.) Most of us wouldn’t think to destroy property to save ourselves or others, but it is indeed that mindset that can make all the difference, and he definitely knows how to teach it until you get it.

If you are in need of education, a consultation or what is truly “executive protection,” then I highly recommend that you contact Cam Bucy at 256-337-3467, or visit
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner