Security Savvy – Hacking Our World

2-20-2015 1-42-53 PMWhat will it take for the human race to realize that we are becoming more and more vulnerable? I am in awe of even our government allowing hackers get close to some of our most important assets. We now have hackers able to get into our vehicle computers, and I wonder, what could they possibly do? Shut it down, lock up brakes, and mess with the steering? Then we hear almost daily that another major hospital, credit card company, or eatery has been hacked and our information is in the hands of strangers to do with what they want. Losing our identity is one of the most disabling situations anyone can be in. Try to get it back. It’s “funny” how a person’s personal information can be lost due to a financial institution’s lack of security. They were responsible for the information in the first place. My question is, can you get a monetary settlement from them?

2-20-2015 1-43-08 PM

I was in a small store in Alabama a while ago, and the store owner was showing me around and what he had for sale. I noticed an older woman sitting at a desk working on what it seemed to be his books. I asked why he wasn’t using a computer to help with the workload. His answer was classic. He said that this woman has worked with him for years, knows the business, has never crashed her hard drive, works when the power is out, and can’t be hacked.

I realize that we need computers in today’s world, but it seems that computers were supposed to be a tool to help us. Now it seems we all need them just in order to function, and that is scary. We as a people socialize using the computer. It seems like we don’t need to talk or interact via face-to-face meetings anymore. Everything can be done by e-mail, Twitter, Facebook, and other online venues. We also attack each other using the computer, and we can spread rumors or hurtful things through the system so that anyone and everyone can see it. This bothers me deeply. Sit at a restaurant and just look around. Watch to see how many people are talking to each other, vs. those who have their heads stuck in their smart phone.

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Every time you use your credit card or debit card in a restaurant or coffee shop, you have given your information to that corporation which has been shown to be vulnerable to hacking. I’m not saying that we should stop using technology in our everyday lives, I just wish that corporations would put in place better firewalls to protect our information. Then again, those who write these programs can also hack them, which is also a scary thought.

11-21-2014 6-52-14 PMAnother situation that has grown to be a major problem is BULLYING using Facebook and other social media sites. We have children and teens taking their own lives because of this problem. How do we as adults address this? My opinion is that these children are bullies, and in order to stop this problem, keep your children off Facebook. Instead, they should try talking to their friends in person or on the phone. If you are stupid enough to put your life on Facebook for the world to see, you deserve what comes your way. Look at yourself as a bank. Years ago, you kept your thoughts and personal information locked up to keep it safe from other people. Now we are opening the door for the world through Facebook and have become a possible target or a statistic. Let’s think about again becoming the safest possible “bank” around, and make sure that only a trusted few have our “combination.”
As always, stay safe and aware.
By: Jim Doyle, owner of Madison Security Group
203 Us Highway 31 S, Athens, AL 35611