Security Savvy – Game Day Safety

8-15-2014 4-04-06 PMIt’s football time! Whether you go to your local high school game, Tuscaloosa, Auburn, Nashville or Atlanta, there are some things you need to do to make sure you have an enjoyable time, and not experience unexpected loss of property or injury while at the game. Much like a coach prepares his team for all situations on the football field, you need to be prepared for all situations when attending the game.

One of the first things you need to be aware of is traffic flow in and out of the stadium area. Make sure you know what roads are inbound and outbound to the stadium. Remember, on game day, streets that are normally two-way may become one-way, and some that are usually open may even be closed. When you arrive and are looking for a place to park, make sure you park in a well-lit area. This will not only help you find your vehicle after the game, but it also will provide a safer environment in which to park. Most well-lit areas will have some type of security presence, be that cameras or roving patrols. We all want to park as close to the stadium as possible, and most of the time, stadiums have businesses and homes close by. You may be tempted to park in these private property areas, but be careful if you do, and make sure you have permission first.

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Most businesses do not allow game day parking and may have your vehicle towed at your expense. If you decide to park at someone’s house, there is no guarantee that the homeowner will protect your property. It is doubtful that their homeowner’s insurance will cover any damages. Make sure that you place any valuables in the trunk of your car, or cover any items that you may leave in your vehicle. This way when people look into your vehicle, it will be harder for them to know what you are leaving behind. Even better, leave valuables such as computers, tablets, or other electronic equipment at home.

8-15-2014 4-04-18 PMLadies, when you are walking to the stadium, if you carry a purse, place the strap over your neck and carry the purse between your elbow and body. Men, place your wallet in the front pocket of your pants rather than you back pocket. If possible, take very little cash with you. Keep your children within arm’s reach at all times; never let them wander around unattended. Walk to the stadium using well-travelled paths, and don’t go through areas that are not lit. Be aware of those around, you never know who is watching you and waiting for you to make a mistake.

When you arrive at the stadium, keep your family close together. Use cash to make your purchases, but be careful not to show how much cash you are carrying. Remember, not everyone at the game is there to watch the game. When you find your seat, you should still be aware of those around you. Now you can sit back and enjoy the game a little easier knowing you have done all you can do to protect your family, yourself, and your property.

After the game, you need to be on alert again. Wait in the stands to let the crowds move out so there is less risk of getting
injured by the mass of people trying to leave. Take the same precautions leaving the stadium as when you arrived, and you should have an enjoyable time without any incidents.
By: Brian Black, Operations Manager of Madison Security Group
203 Us Highway 31 S, Athens, AL 35611

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