Security Savvy – Are We Being Manipulated?

2014-04-18_16-30-21I normally write about Safety and Security, but I believe that in a way we are being manipulated by both the government and by big businesses. I say the government because they allow what happens through their favorite people, lobbyists. After all, there is money in those handshakes.

Why is it that when we go to the movie theatre we now sit through commercials. WHY? We paid to see a movie and previews of movies coming up, not commercials. It seems like we are bombarded with advertisements no matter where we go. Often, when you decide to look at a news program or something that got your interest on the Internet, you have to watch a commercial before you get to the article or video you wanted. I pay for Internet access to get information. I don’t want commercials.


Have you noticed that while you’re watching television, when the channel you’re watching goes to commercial, there are usually at least 5 in a row and the volume goes up? When you try to change to another channel, they are commercials too. This is not a coincidence. Is there any question as to why our medical costs and food prices are so high? Someone has to pay for all the advertising. We can’t even make a choice to change channels on our own television so we don’t have to be bombarded by commercials.

2014-02-22_16-40-36This kind of advertising is really getting out of control. Even when you do find a television show you may want to watch it is full of product advertising. The characters in the show make a point of mentioning the make and model of the cars they drive. The brand names on their coffee cups or soda cans are always facing the camera. Wouldn’t want to miss that product plug while I’m watching CSI. To be honest, the only time I like to see commercials is during the Super Bowl. I love the Clydesdale commercials. They are more like mini movies, and they don’t really push the product. That is one company that learned if they get more attention because of the horses, the beer sells itself.

Try to sit down after work and have dinner while you watch the news, and here come the medication commercials. They know that this is primetime for adults watching TV. We are hit with these commercials over and over again, and the pesky part is the disclaimer at the end. It is said so fast your ears really can’t understand it. Why would I have to tell my doctor what medications I am taking when he or she prescribes them? In addition, why would I take a medicine that could cause death or suicidal thoughts? I would rather stay with the original problem.

It seems to me that we are being treated as sheep, all being directed to their way of thinking, and having our decision making ability taken away through manipulation. The news programs are not much better. We would hear more news about what’s going on in the community if they didn’t say their call sign every minute. You know what news show you have on, and you don’t need to be reminded repeatedly.

As I said, I usually write about safety and security concerns. This seems to me an assault on our security by constantly trying to manipulate our thinking process. Again, stay safe and aware.
By: Jim Doyle, owner of Madison Security Group
203 US Highway 31 S, Athens, Al 35611