Saved By The Dinner Bell – Cooking With Anna

By now, most everyone is back in school. Back to the day-to-day grind of homework, football practice, band practice, sack lunches, and PTO meetings. We all live such hectic lives that, unfortunately, everyone sharing a meal together is put on the back burner, or not even a possibility. Sharing your day with your family helps you stay connected to each other and helps you feel united as a family unit.

I remember as a child how during that hour of dinnertime, all my school problems faded away as we sat together as a family and each shared the struggles of the day. We each offered advice to one another and helped each other solve our problems.
I am the oldest of four children, and we each had a different extracurricular activity that kept us busy. My brothers played sports, my sister had a work internship at a local business, and I had piano and voice lessons. My mother was a teacher, still is actually, and my dad was a logger. All six of us were going in different directions, but for that one meal, we all got to join together as a family unit.

I remember all the laughs and tears we shared together. Sitting around the dinner table is one of my favorite childhood memories. Sit down with your children, ask them about their day, nourish their bodies with healthy food, and nourish their souls with love.

A healthy, quick and easy way to put dinner on the table is this hearty Chicken Minestrone. It is packed full of veggies in a rich tomato-based soup. Your children will never know that it’s a healthy soup.