Sarrell Dental in National Spotlight

Sarrell DentalFresh off their positive piece in PBS Frontline’s 2012 documentary, “Dollars for Dentists”, Sarrell Dental Centers continue to flourish. In April of 2013, the National Oral Health Conference, with about 800 attendees, will be held in Huntsville, AL. Attendees from all over the USA and from around the world will be in attendance. During the conference attendees will be provided the opportunity to learn and tour Sarrell’s Athens facility. “Our selection by the NOHC is further affirmation of the positive work we are doing for underserved children. Our new model of delivery of dental care is significantly improving the access to dental care for children,” stated Sarrell CEO, Jeffrey A. Parker.

Parker’s comments have merit, evidenced by the over 400,000 patient visits without a single patient complaint ever filed with the Alabama Dental Board. They have also been nationally recognized for being the low cost provider for dental services in the U.S. “The need is so great in Alabama, we have had 31 consecutive quarters of record patient growth. How many companies in America can say that, much less a not-for-profit in Alabama,” added Parker.

The Athens practice, subject of the upcoming NOHC visit, saw over 16,000 patient visits in 2012. Since Sarrell Dental’s opening at 310 West Elm, in the old Public Health Building, Limestone County has risen significantly in Alabama’s dental Medicaid utilization ratings. Prior to Sarrell’s entrance in 2009, Limestone County languished in the middle of our state’s 67 counties. Now, Limestone County is the number one county in Alabama in Medicaid dental utilization at 55%. That means in our number one county of the 67 in Alabama, still only slightly more than half our children are able to see a dentist. That figure, although the best in Alabama, is nothing to be proud of. We still have a lot of work to do,” stated Parker.

Sarrell Dental in Athens is open 6 days a week and accepts appointments and walk-ins. “Any child in pain will be seen the same day, no matter how late we must work,” added Parker.

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Sarrell Dental in National Spotlight
By: Brandi Parris, Sarrell Dental