Rocket City Barns And Buildings: Still The Cheapest And The Best

It was the fall of 2015 when I first had the privilege of telling readers of Athens Now about Rocket City Barns, and few things give me more pleasure to know that since then they have significantly “increased their costs,” and by grace have done their part to defy the Great Recession. In other words, they are thriving and flourishing.

Rocket City is several things, including a successful “buy-here-pay-here” pre-owned auto lot on Hwy 72 called Rocket City Motors, and they carry the Cotton States barns and Metal Max buildings there as well. Rocket City Barns West is located on Hwy 72 near Collins Supply, and now there are two more new locations. Rocket City Barns is now in Huntsville as well as Guntersville, and they still stand by their promise of being the “cheapest and the best.” If you can find a comparably built cabin, barn or metal building for less, Rocket City will meet that price.

Now for a bit of story about Marcy Baker, the owner, and her husband, Daniel. Marcy was born in Canada, and got her degree in computer science from the University of Toronto. She wasn’t sure what she wanted to do; so she came to the States and also became a Mobile Certified Electrician. Marcy and Daniel met when they were both working at a major auto dealership in Decatur. Both were single parents who married and blended their families a year later, and Marcy started the Rocket City Motors “buy-here-pay-here” auto dealership, as well as the barn dealership. Daniel is quick to note that Marcy started the businesses, is the owner of the businesses, and Rocket City is “on the radar” with several suppliers as an outstanding female-owned business.

What I enjoy about Marcy is that while she is clearly a talented, experienced, and motivated entrepreneur, her husband and family are definitely her priority, and her faith is her foundation. She is hard-working, smart, funny and fun, and it’s obvious she enjoys what she does.

With regard to the barns, the parent company is Cotton States, and the buildings are built by Mennonites here in Alabama. It is possible to rent to own the cabins and barns, and there is no down payment required for barns up to 12’x32’. Rocket City is the only barn dealer that will make it possible to get in for zero down. Rocket City/Cotton States will also match any price lower than theirs. They absolutely guarantee that they have the lowest prices.

People use the cabins for everything from storage sheds to at-home offices to actual homes, reflecting the current popular trend in housing. There are also garages, and they can be built with lofts if so desired. Cotton States/Rocket City Barns will deliver and set them up nearly anywhere, including in RV parks. Sometimes Rocket City gets re-pos, and there are significant savings for paying off early.

New to Rocket City Barns is a brand of metal buildings known as Metal Max. They have Rent-To-Own regular, boxed eave and vertical carports, garages and barns ranging in size from 12’x21’ to 48’x100’. They come in 14 standard colors and 5 premium colors. They can be installed on bare ground or cement, but the surface must be level. Rocket City will oversee all aspects of delivery and set up. It costs 25K on average to stick-build a garage, and you can figure on any of the Metal Max buildings costing less than half their stick-built counterparts. “In fact,” Daniel said, “A very nice two car garage runs only about $5,000. He also stated that, “The sales of the Metal Max buildings have just taken off, and that’s one of the reasons we have two new locations.”
The third new development at Rocket City is playground equipment made by Backyard Playsets. They range in price from $1399 to the large Ark, which is $4495. The large Ark is on display at Rocket City Barns East, located at 26912 Hwy 72, Athens, AL 35613, and includes two swings, a gang plank, a trapeze bar, steering wheel, ladder, telescope, and a slide. The Backyard Playsets are also rent to own, and they as well as the Metal Max buildings require a small down payment, depending on the size of the building.

If you are in need of a cabin or storage building, a portable metal structure or a playset for your children, you need look no further than Rocket City Barns for the best!
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner