Recycling For Cycling Brings Bike Racks To The Square

Lynne HartAbout two years ago, KALB initiated the Recycling for Cycling campaign in an effort to raise funds for bike racks to be placed on the Athens Square. We recognized there was a problem for people who wished to ride their bikes to town and then had no place to secure them.

KALB began selling t-shirts and collecting aluminum cans from anyone interested in supporting this effort. The money raised was set aside until our goal was reached.

Recycling for Cycling

We also organized slow rides from Athens High School to the Courthouse Square to bring attention to the benefits of bike riding for pleasure.

KALBAbout a year ago, KALB made a donation of $500 to the Spirit of Athens for the purpose of purchasing and placing bike racks on the Square. KALB believed that the Spirit of Athens, and Mac Martin, City Planner, could choose the most suitable bike racks and locations for the space available.

We are proud to say that the money raised through Recycling for Cycling purchased 3 bike racks. A fourth rack, sponsored by West End Outdoors, has also been placed on the Square.

KALBOn behalf of the KALB organization, I thank everyone who participated in this campaign. You waited patiently to see the results of your efforts!

Now let’s get out there and ride!
By: Lynne Hart