Re-Elect Brian C.T. Jones As Limestone County District Attorney


As a former Eagle Scout, Brian Christopher Templeman Jones learned early in life to always give back and help others. As a young scout, Brian built custom furniture for disabled students. As an adult, he chose a career path that touches the lives of many in our community.

Brian was born here in North Alabama. As a child, Brian’s family moved several times all over the United States with IBM. After a few years his parents came home and settled down in Madison County. Brian graduated from Huntsville High School, Birmingham-Southern College, and the University of Alabama School of Law.

After law school, Brian clerked for Circuit Court Judge William R. Gordon and went on to be an Assistant District Attorney in Randolph County and Limestone County.

After leaving the Limestone County District Attorney’s Office in 2002 for private practice, Brian embarked on a legal career representing individuals, families, and businesses in a wide variety of cases. When I asked him if being in private practice helped him be a better District Attorney, Brian said “wearing hats from both sides has helped me see the big picture, and understand it better.”


Brian C.T. Jones was elected to serve as District Attorney of the 39th Judicial Circuit of Alabama in November 2010 and took office on January 18, 2011.

Brian and I had the chance to talk about the major issues facing Limestone County. “Like so many other communities across our nation, Limestone County faces a drug addiction epidemic,” Brian told me. He went on to explain that roughly 85% of all crime is drug related, 10% are people doing stupid things, and around 5% of the offenders are disturbingly dangerous. With our prison system operating at 200% capacity, it is a difficult issue to address. Brian went on to explain that most drug cases are not those of people who actually have a desire to be criminals, but they have gotten hooked and commit crimes in order to sustain their addiction.

To address this situation, Brian created the Pre-Trial Diversion Program and expanded Community Corrections and the Drug Court to increase treatment alternatives for drug offenders. “The fight against drugs is a fight against their demand. As long as there is a demand for drugs, someone will sell them. A true solution has to tackle both the dealers and the addiction” he said. Brian believes it is important for non-violent offenders to be reformed whenever possible so they can give back to the community, instead of being a drain on taxpayers for years to come.

I asked him what he is most proud of with respect to his time as District Attorney. Brian swiftly responded that it was Limestone County being ranked the safest county in Alabama! “This ranking is a testament to the hard work of law enforcement, social services, rehabilitative services, Community Corrections, Drug Court, Pre-Trial Diversion and my office as we work together to serve our community”, Brian told me.
When asked what his second choice would be, Brian said, “I am also proud of my Community Service Program.” Limestone County is the ONLY county in Alabama with a full time Community Service Program that requires non-violent offenders to give something back as part of their sentence. With over 29,000 hours of labor completed in a variety of projects and programs, this program has saved the non-profit agencies in Limestone County over $210,000.00 in labor costs. “I firmly believe that an offender’s path toward rehabilitation is not complete until he or she makes the personal sacrifice to give of their time to the benefit of others. This program has been a tremendous success not only for the agencies who benefit but for the offenders themselves,” he said.

With the success of Pre-Trial Diversion, Community Corrections, and Drug Court, Brian has been able to concentrate his resources on that very dangerous 5%. “From my very first day, I have worked to my fullest ability to bring murderers, rapists, and child sex-offenders to trial without delay or compromise.”

When asked about any final thoughts, Brian said it had been his privilege to serve the people of Limestone County as District Attorney, and that he wants to continue to serve you in the years to come. “On behalf of myself, my wife Kandye, my daughter Tori, and son, Christopher, I humbly ask for your vote again on Nov. 8th.” He believes his record speaks for itself, and he wants to build on the success his office has had over the last 6 years. Brian said, “Limestone County is the safest county in Alabama for a reason, and as District Attorney I will never stop working to keep our families and our homes safe.”

If you would like to see Brian Jones continue his efforts as Limestone County District Attorney for another term, then he and his family would appreciate your vote on November 8th.
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner