Putting People First: Elect Danny Barksdale To Limestone County Commission, District Two

By: Danny Barksdale

My number one goal is serving the people of District 2. I believe true leadership serves the people instead of its own interests. Far too often the people are overlooked in the political landscape.

Politicians are more interested in un-elected bureaucrats, special interest groups, and big business than they are in serving the average citizens they are supposed to represent. I am not that kind of candidate and never will be.

I want to help Limestone County be a safe, successful, and strong community moving forward. It was an honor for me to serve my country in the U.S. Army, and if elected I will bring that same commitment of honor, service, and duty to the Limestone County Commission. That is, and always will be, my commitment to you.

“Road Commissioner”

The position of “Road Commissioner” has changed over the years. We have, and rightly so, dropped the “Road” part of the title. Maintaining the roads is only a part of what our County Commissioners do. They now manage $40 million in revenue and a $15 million general fund budget. They allocate funds for each county department and plan for future growth and services.

While the administrative function of county government is not as obvious to us in our daily lives as the current condition of our roads, they are just as critical to the future growth, development, and quality of life to Limestone County citizens. What is often overlooked is that poor management today equals worse roads and worse problems for the future.

A County Commissioner should not be elected based only on road work. Management skills, fiscal responsibility, and a heart to serve the people are just as important. A good example of this is the County’s purchase of unnecessary property like the L&S Shopping Center, and expensive building projects like the Event Center. This money could have and should have been used for roads, or to prepare for future growth. Unnecessary spending has landed Limestone County over $14 million in debt, and in a poor position for future growth.

As we move forward, Limestone County will be facing a whole new set of problems with Huntsville moving into Limestone County, such as additional infrastructure needs and issues related to population growth. It is easy to focus too much on the condition of our roads right now, and not enough on the future. We should not lose sight of the bigger picture. Additional needs will put more stress on the county budget. Our County Commission will need to look for ways to cut costs, spend wisely, and eliminate waste. There is not a government entity in the world that does not have waste, and Limestone County is no exception.

A good steward of taxpayer funds means that an elected official is as frugal with government money as they are with their own. Too often, it is forgotten that county tax money comes from the single mom working hard to put food on the table, the farmer working 15 hour days, and the factory worker that is looking for overtime just to make ends meet. Unlike government, they must cut costs, spend wisely, and eliminate waste. It is time that government learned from their example. If Limestone County manages their spending wisely, there will be no need for County debt and there will be no need to raise taxes. That should be our goal.

Government Transparency

I believe we need a lot more transparency and a lot more integrity in government today. Far too often the average, everyday citizens are overlooked in the political landscape. As your County Commissioner I will work to clean up corruption and put the people of Limestone County first.

I believe the County’s books should be open and easily accessible to every citizen of Limestone County. I would like to live stream County Commission work sessions as is already done with the regular meetings. I would also like to move some of our County Commission meetings to an evening schedule. This would allow working men and women the chance to attend and address the commission without being forced to take time off from their jobs.

Where I Stand On Taxes

The people of Limestone County are taxed enough! I am a strong fiscal conservative, who believes in cutting wasteful spending and balancing the budget instead of raising taxes. I pledge to be a voice for fiscal responsibly on the County Commission. I firmly believe that the government does not need more of your money, but rather, they need to start spending the money they have wisely.

Schools And Education

There is nothing more important to me than our children’s future. As a husband and father, I know how critical our local schools and teachers really are. I believe we need to build a strong foundation for the future as our community continues to grow.
If elected to the Limestone County Commission, I will listen to parent s and teachers about the needs our schools are facing. Whether interacting with the Limestone County School Board, or helping with a special project, I will be available for the families of our community, and I humbly ask for your vote on November 3.
By: Danny Barksdale