Putting Out Fires ~ Horse Whispering

Earlier in July, when we were experiencing record breaking heat, I was in frequent contact with my daughter who lives in Colorado Springs. She kept me informed regarding the fires in that area that devoured thousands of acres, consumed structures, and took lives. People’s lives were challenged by heart wrenching choices, re-arranged because of the fire’s presence, and left with the reality of the environment that now surrounds them.

With any and all fires, three elements are present: fuel, something that will burn, oxygen, the environment that supports the fire, and heat, the ignition source. Firefighters unite together to remove first one, and then all of these elements.

In our connecting moments with horses, sometimes our relationships can become heated, ignited, or out of control. Let’s identify possible “equine fires” and how to extinguish them desirably, back at the starting point.

The three elements I will be discussing are: your relationship with your horse, your role with your horse, and your intention with your horse.
Understanding our relationship with the horse is crucial. We are the predator or the hunter, and they are the hunted. Inside themselves they know this about us; we need to do the same. What is the definition of “predator?” Here are three: 1. Carnivorous animal or destructive organism – a carnivorous animal that hunts, kills, and eats other animals in order to survive, or any other organism that behaves in a similar manner 2. Somebody who plunders or destroys – a person, group, company, or state that steals from others or destroys others for gain 3. Ruthlessly aggressive person – an aggressive, determined, or persistent person. Don’t get discouraged. We have the power of choice. We can connect in meaningful ways with our equine friends simply by choosing not to react, respond, or relate to them as a predator. Are you going to do this perfectly every time? NO! You will not, but what you will do is become more conscious of your anger, illusions, sorrow and fears, to mention a few. This, my NEIGHbor, is worth the connection!

We most definitely need to understand our role with the horse. Horses are true followers! Followers do two things. They follow the leader and they challenge the leader to determine if that leader is worth following. YOU are the leader! There is a HUGE difference between being a predator and being a leader! This is worth meditating on and receiving clarity. True leadership is not about controlling, it’s about connecting. “Being in control” actually is an illusion! Again, there is a difference between the illusions of “being in control” and the fruit of the Spirit of self-control. This fruit comes by being connected, rooted and grounded in LOVE, which is God.

Thirdly, let us talk about our intention with the horse. Horses are sentient in nature. What does that mean? They are conscious, alert, attentive, awake and responsive. In order to survive, they have to be sensitive to emotional energy and the intention behind it. Consider horses in the wild, for example. They may graze peacefully with a lion in the vicinity because they know he has recently eaten and is not hungry, yet, the herd scatters long before a predatory animal comes near, because they are aware a carnivore is on the hunt looking for food for its empty stomach. Horses are in tune to intention! Being the mirrors they are, if you are not clear with your intention, aim, intent, plan, objective or meaning, your equine friend will reflect that back to you. And one more time, you stand in the position of “choice!” Choose well, it’s worth the connection.

In your relationship with the Great Shepherd, you are a follower. He will lead you into green pastures, beside still waters, and restore your soul. Guess what? Goodness and mercy will follow YOU! In your relationship with your horse, be a leader worth following.
Your NEIGHbor ~ Deb Kitchenmaster
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