Publisher’s Point: Teresa Todd, The Sweetest Of Competitors

Teresa Todd - Community Service AwardWhenever Teresa Todd and I are in the same room, I describe her to whoever is listening as being “the sweetest of competitors.” Technically, Teresa’s online newspaper, Athens Plus, is in competition with Athens Now. But in all the time I have known her, Teresa has never seemed like a rival, and has only been what Doris Estes of the John Keyes Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution describes as “an encourager.”

Therefore, it is with great joy that as part of the November 2, 2012 edition of Athens Now, we get the chance to spread the word that the local DAR chapter has honored Teresa with its Community Service Award.

I initially met Teresa when I attended my first Coffee Call at the Veterans’ Museum. She had on an apron and a name tag, and she made me feel completely welcome even though she had a number of duties to attend to. That “welcoming spirit” is what I have consistently encountered as we have worked on projects and attended functions together, and she dishes it out to everybody.

How she manages to be everywhere at once with her camera is beyond me, and she has, on more than one occasion, provided photos for us to use. This is what I mean by “the sweetest.” She has saved my bacon, and I am grateful.

I have watched her carefully escort Alice Rogers, who is over 90 years old, (and a WWII nurse,) to and from her car, and yes, Teresa picks her up and takes her home so she can attend Coffee Call. She has a gift at making aging vets feel like they are the “king of the world,” and sheds tender tears when they pass.

She serves on the boards of Spirit of Athens, Limestone County Tourism Association, and the Veterans’ Museum. I probably have missed some organizations, and if so, I apologize.

One of the many things I appreciate about her is her humility. While she has been the recipient of a number of awards, she is quick to find a way to honor others. She also gives great hugs!

I am sure she has her “moments,” (as do we all,) but this gal is the “real deal.” Her sweetness is genuine and consistent, and by contrast she has a dry wit. On more than one occasion she has completely cracked me up with a one liner made with a straight face.

Her love for her family is intense, and she has taken care of other ailing family members who live in Tennessee, her birthplace. I imagine they are enormously proud of her, as they should be.

So please, when you see her, take the time to congratulate her on her well deserved award. Athens is already a wonderful place to live, and it is people like Teresa who make it even more so. Congratulations, Tessie, and thanks for being so very easy to love!

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