Publisher’s Point: Lovin’ The Crew

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner
As I was wondering what to write for this particular Publisher’s Point, I began to tear up as I experienced a wave of loving gratitude for my Athens Now team, and this was to the point that I couldn’t see what I was writing. They are special folks to me, and they wrack their brains at least once a month to bring you a fresh portion of Information and Inspiration from their personal bailiwick – from cooking to personal safety; from pets to vets to sports and more.

Please let me tell you about them.
Jon Hamilton, owner of Curb Appeal Graphics. Jon has been with Athens Now from the very beginning, has faithfully labored sometimes all night so that we can stitch this crazy quilt together, and you have a paper to read. Because of him, we have never missed an edition, and he has become a dear friend. I also highly enjoy and respect his work.
Yvonne Dempsey, our copy editor and grammar/punctuation stickler. This woman has an ability to be firm about the rules and equally friendly in enforcing them. She is another one who has labored tirelessly into the night to get it just right.
Teddy Wolcott, our webmistress, if I may coin a term. Although Teddy describes herself as being “older than dirt,” she is another one who will not rest until it’s done, and because of her we are now read online all over the world.
D.A. Slinkard, whose column, Slinkard On Success, is one of our most popular, and I think it’s because this guy is the real deal when it comes to being positive. “In sickness and in health,” D.A. has been unstoppable, and we are glad he chose to join our team. If you are feeling discouraged, just Google his name and choose from plenty to perk you up.
Sandy Thompson is the director of the Vets’ Museum here in Athens, and she faithfully honors retired veterans by telling their stories, as well as honoring those who are still serving
Teresa Todd/Cayce Lee take the time to be the voice of the tourism office and keep us abreast of all the things that are available for us to do in Athens-Limestone County. Teresa wears many hats and expends herself for us because she loves this town.
Lynne Hart, who runs Keep Athens-Limestone Beautiful and the Recycling Center. She finds time to write for us in addition to her other duties, which include speaking at schools, churches, civic groups, radio stations; appearing on TV; and sponsoring a number of important events throughout the year. She also makes me laugh with some of the zaniest vids, ever.
Anna Hamilton writes our cooking column, and we want to give a shout out to Shelley Underhill and Kimberly Hobbs for all their hard work in the past. That Anna girl knows how to put love in the food!
Jerry Barksdale, whom I affectionately refer to as our “resident rascal,” regales us with tales that are simultaneously whimsical, philosophical, homespun, and hysterical. He makes me laugh out loud, and I hear that about him from you, too.
Janet Hunt keeps us fit and watches out for us, especially seniors. She has her own studio at her home, and walks the talk. She is also a Master Gardener and will help you get your landscape under control in addition to your lipids.
Wanda Campbell, of ASU’s Center for Lifelong Learning, encourages to make learning a lifestyle and is continually giving us things to do, read, try, and think about, as well as places to go.
Holly Hollman of the Mayor’s Office extends herself as a contributing writer and sends me the best pics; much better than the ones I take. She has saved my hide more than once, and has done so cheerfully.
Rosemary Dewar makes you think while you read what millennials think. She was also recently picked as one of The 25 Conservative Women To Follow On Twitter. I think someday I’ll be her seasoned-citizen summer intern when she launches her political career.
Lisa Phillipart heads up the counseling department at ASU, and teaches us how to stay sane in sixty-second chunks. She also has a private practice in Huntsville, and her biz tag says it all: urlifematters.
Jackie Warner is the Renaissance woman who gives us The View From The Bridge. She is a dedicated wife and mom, has been in the ministry, does real estate, is a passionate community builder, has the voice of a broadcaster, and always zings me with her tag: Until time, be sincere, kind and intentional.
Deb Kitchenmaster makes it her passion to connect us more closely with our Maker, ourselves, and each other through horses. I have personally watched miracles on horseback while leaning against the fence of her round pen, and her waters run deep. There is enough there for equines and humans, as well as some to spare.
Tim Lambert keeps us on top of the sports scene locally, and it is clear that he loves the kids more than he loves the sports. He also keeps things humming at WKAC
Paul Foreman is one of my heroes. Last but not least, both in the paper and on this list, Paul brings common sense to personal defense, and he does it in the midst of the fight of his life, an ongoing battle with brain cancer. I had someone from another state specifically comment on his article, and they were even more appreciative once they found out what he and Joann were having to push through in order to have him write.

This is my crew, dear readers. Regular folks who regularly slug it out so that you can have news that you can actually use. And I for one am a better person because of my crew. I straight up love you.