Publisher’s Point: How Long Will Hillary Be Held Up?

8-19-2016 8-27-16 AMWhat I mean by the question is not, how long ‘til every obstacle in the way of a Clinton presidency is removed, literally or figuratively. I mean how long will she be physically held up by men and doctors around her until she collapses? In the past two weeks, there has been a rising tide of concern over whether or not Hillary Rodham Clinton is neurologically and thereby physically fit to take on the most stressful job on the planet.

Now, it is true that FDR was physically propped up at times, and helped to stand when he made addresses, but that was due to the after effects of polio, which withered his limbs. Here is what we do know: Hillary has had several falls, some notably reported on the mainstream evening news. We know she was in the hospital for nearly a year. We know she has debilitating coughing fits. We know she has been caught on film making very strange, Parkinson-like movements. While I am not a medical person, I will tell you that she reminds me of Michael J. Fox, especially when he is not on medication to subdue his movements, and she mimics the movements of a childhood friend, also a Parkinson’s sufferer, who I had to help feed at Christmas a few years ago.

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Then there is the picture of the lesion on her tongue, as well as the crater that is there now. More subjective are the outbursts of anger, the maniacal, inappropriate laughter, and the telling absence of any venue which would by necessity have the presence of flashing cameras. What in the world is going on with this woman? Rumors range from stroke to Parkinson’s to tongue cancer to HPV to blood clots to mental illness.

Secret Service members, who simply do not talk about this kind of thing, have anonymously broken their silence and reached out to the media. They are allegedly going to make an announcement at the end of August, and we shall see what happens with that. Julian Assange claims to have more emails. Could the supposedly non-essential communiqués reveal that she is terribly ill?

Then there are the bodies that are stacking up on Hillary’s watch. The latest count from the last six weeks is 5, all with strong ties to Hillary. That makes the total body count of people who have mysteriously died during the Clinton regime close to 50. More tellingly, the deafening silence on the part of the media says more than if they were reporting it nightly.

There is another development, something that is just never done during a presidential campaign, and that is to have a sitting member of the Executive Branch co-present a campaign speech. Vice President Joe Biden is speaking in concert with Hillary, and then the unthinkable happened: Joe Biden, in the process of bashing Donald Trump and claiming he’s not fit to have access to the nuclear codes, pointed at the guy whose full time job is to follow Joe Biden around with the codes in the event that, God forbid, we have to use a nuclear solution to a problem, and exposed him. Is this a demonstration of being “fit” to have the nuclear codes?

My husband was the one to tell me about the Biden blooper, and he was met with stunned silence. Is it possible that Joe Biden is easing into the position of the Democratic Party nominee for President, and the “big announcement” will be that Hillary will step down? We shall see, and may the truth not only come out, but speak to power.
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