Publisher’s Point: Dana Loesch, A Dazzling Young Light

7-18-2013 8-53-51 PMI have to tell you, sometimes I get mighty discouraged about the plight of the minds and souls of our young people, especially those who are emerging from our universities not being able to pick Adolph Hitler out of a lineup. This week I wondered, (after hearing about how one business associate experienced being checked out by a clerk at Michael’s who had never heard of Teddy Roosevelt,) if the clerk knew anything about the Holocaust, and if she did, did any of it matter to her?

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Then, my hope was restored by being introduced by way of the media to a young woman named Dana Loesch. Dana is a journalist who looks like she could be a member of the Kardashian crew, but that is where the similarity ends. She is unabashedly conservative, quick on her feet and with her tongue, has her own radio show on KFTK FM in Missouri, and WIBC in Indianapolis. She also appears on CNN, Fox News and The Blaze TV Network.

She “went off the reservation” of progressive liberalism after 9/11, and had to rethink everything. Prior to that time, she was a card carrying spouter of the standard college party line: a pro-choice, feminist historical revisionist.

By her own admission, she had left the God of her youth, and her faith. She became pregnant out of wedlock, and the only “choice” her friends gave her was to abort her child. She realized that one of the ways feminism gains its strength is to make women dependent on government, and, ironically, it tells women they are not strong enough to be a single parent. Their only “means to strength” is to take a life, and that death is justifiable in order to insure that their own life not be inconvenienced. She said the following: [I] “got pregnant” as a broke, unwed student from a single parent household.” And not broke like “wearing last season’s clothes… Broke like I can see through the rust hole in the back passenger side of my Buick.”

7-18-2013 8-53-25 PM“I rejected that ideology in large part because I grew tired of these people telling me that as a woman I wasn’t strong enough to raise a child in my circumstances,” Dana said. “Mentally, I said screw this, I can do it. Twelve years later not only did I do it — I did it pretty well.”

She attributes her success to her faith in God and her boyfriend (and now husband), Chris Loesch.

“I wasn’t alone in this, and from this, I learned something valuable that I’m instilling in my sons. Men, do not allow yourselves to be emasculated,” Dana said. “Do not allow yourselves to be persuaded to let an entire generation die away because you didn’t feel it was your place to step up and speak out. Fight back. Your sons need you. Your daughters need you. Your wives and your girlfriends need you. The mothers need you, and you need it too as fathers.”

Whoot! Time for a fist bump, or several, for that matter! If a former feminist is telling her sons to not allow themselves to be emasculated, to fight for their children, and is sending the same message out across America, we may have more to rejoice about than we thought. Keep shining, Miss Dana!
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

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