Publisher’s Point: Casting A Ballot With A Pinched Nostril

10-21-2016-2-04-02-pmThis particular Publisher’s Point really is not intended for the people of North Alabama or Southern Tennessee, but for the national and international folks who read the online version at There is no doubt that Trump will carry Alabama, and I don’t think there are many in our fair state that could be swayed at this point to change their minds when it comes to who should be the 45th President of the United States of America. But just in case there are those elsewhere who are on the fence, I am going to wade into the poo and doo and put in my two shekels as to why I think the Donald is the only reasonable choice for POTUS. And, let the record reflect, I do so reluctantly.

Do I like him? Nope. Am I going to vote for him? Yep. Have I lost my mind? Hopefully not. Then, why would I vote for someone who at this point seems to be a bull in the china shop, and is on steroids? Because, from my point of view, he is the only one with the mettle, the money, and the moxie to stop the Clintons, and if we have a snowball’s chance in a very hot place of surviving as a culture, that is Job One.

It took an inarguably boorish Winston Churchill to overcome the damage of dilettante caused by the supposedly superior statesmanship of Neville Chamberlain. Neville, however, was no match for Adolph Hitler, just as Hillary is no match for Ayman Al-Zawahiri, let alone any heavy hitters from ISIS. And, I don’t believe it’s ugly to say that her health is not strong enough to “bow up” (pronounced b?, Southern slang for “resist”) to the beheaders.


But, leaving the Land of Nuance for a moment, let us remember that Hillary, in her own words, is “in awe” of Margaret Sanger, who founded Planned Parenthood 100 years ago. In addition, Hillary was the recipient of their Margaret Sanger Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009. What did Margaret believe, by her own admission? Well, for starters, here’s a sampling:
“Colored people are like weeds and are to be exterminated.”

“We don’t want the word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population.”

“Slavs, Latin, and Hebrew immigrants are human weeds…a deadweight of human waste. Blacks, soldiers and Jews are a menace to the race.”

Ok, no one would ever call me a math maven, but even I remember some of my Algebra from close to 50 years ago: “If A equals B, and B equals C, then A equals C.” So, applied to this piece, if Hillary is in awe of Margaret, and Margaret unapologetically wants to eradicate blacks, Slavs, Latins, Hebrews, soldiers and Jews, then should someone ask Hillary what it is that she truly wants, besides the Presidency?

And while I would like to give Donald a piece of my mind for his completely inappropriate comments, I am not so sure that the words of the women who are currently coming out of the woodwork as his accusers are to be trusted. And here I am, one who is trained at the graduate level in ministerial counseling, with years of experience dealing with victims of sexual abuse, having to take a hard look at the inviolate rule of therapy: always believe a child or a woman when they say they have been abused. To not believe in the absence of actual proof comes close to violating my conscience, and I am not at all happy about the prospect of considering the possibility that these women are lying about something so sacred.

Here is what I do know: what goes around comes around, and that applies to both Donald and Hillary. And here’s what else I know: on Donald’s watch there have been really embarrassing things said, and on Hillary’s watch people have died. But, if she truly admires Margaret, and Margaret thinks soldiers are a menace to the race, then the only reasonable thing to do is cast your ballot for Donald, even if you have to multi-task by pinching one of your nostrils while you fill in your black circles on the ballot at the polling station. Maybe you will have to full on hold your nose, but as the saying goes, “Just do it,” and trust that “What don’t come out in the wash, will most certainly come out in the rinse.” Until then, “Keep calm and carry on.” You’ll do Winston proud, and your vote might just save America as founded.