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Publisher’s Note: On September 6th, Athens Now inadvertently published the wrong cover story for PT Technologies. The following is a compilation of services offered by the company, and is written by Phillip Templeton, the founder of the company. We apologize for any confusion.

Technology plays a huge role in running a business today. Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) rely on their IT infrastructure and the support needed to keep it strong. But most SMBs struggle to justify the high expenses involved in employing full-time IT support professionals to handle all the services they need. Now, PT Technologies offers you a better option: a full team of locally-based on-demand business IT support professionals, with the combined skills and tech support experience necessary to understand and help with the IT challenges you face – and all at a price that fits your budget.

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At PT Technologies/IT DataWise, Inc., our business IT experts can provide you with:

Assistance with hardware installation
Design and configuration of computer networks
Software training and support
Tech support for a variety of systems
An all-inclusive rate for IT services
Help with compliance issues

Technology is constantly changing – and so are your business requirements. It’s nearly impossible for just one person to handle all the IT management and tech support needs of a small business, but hiring a full team of on staff technology professionals is cost prohibitive.

In addition, PT Technologies’ business IT support services deliver the tech support and experience you need to keep your business operating. In some cases, our skilled professionals can work with you over the phone and Internet to answer questions, assess problems, and remotely access your system to tackle any technical difficulties. If not, we’re local, so we’ll send our technicians to your location right away to get your business running smoothly again.

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If your business unexpectedly lost all access to its data and IT systems, would you be prepared and able to operate? At PT Technologies, we offer a solution to this scary (but very real) possibility – complete disaster recovery and business continuity services for small and mid-size businesses in the Valley.

We provide a secure way to safeguard your important business data from loss due to hackers, natural disasters, system errors, and more with our specially-designed data backup and recovery solutions.

Comprehensive backup and data recovery solutions from PT Technologies/IT DataWise, Inc, include:

Protection against viruses and unauthorized access using the latest technology
Secure access to your information using our dedicated servers
Automated backup of your company data throughout the day, every day
An off-site copy of your IT infrastructure that can be used quickly as a spare in the event of a system failure at your company
Monthly invoicing for your data protection services – with no added expenses for hardware or software

It’s not enough to have backup data at your location – if your office was ruined or destroyed, your backup would almost certainly be gone as well. With a backup copy located safely off-site, your business could still access data even if your physical location was totally lost. While this predicament might not seem likely, there are a lot of other threats to your data, such as hackers and network crashes, which might bring production to a halt.

Without data access, you wouldn’t be able to fill orders, make contact with your clients, or work with vendors – and getting new leads and sales would be virtually impossible. How long would you be able to put activities on hold? PT Technologies can design a service package that is exactly what is needed to make your company able to get back online quickly.

Finally, in order to compete in today’s business world, it’s vital for small companies in the Valley to have access to the latest technology and support – but it’s increasingly challenging to monitor and manage. If you’re attempting to maintain your IT infrastructure in-house, we offer a solution: a complete managed IT services program which will supply you and your staff with the technology and assistance you need for one low monthly fee.

PT Technologies’ Managed Services packages provide you with:

Full-service technical support from locally-based IT experts
Simplified monthly invoicing and the flexibility to increase or reduce services as needed
Ongoing observation of your network and systems
Improved staff productivity

9-20-2013 2-14-45 PMUsing the latest in managed services technology, we’ll provide you with the hardware, service, and help you need at a price you can afford. If you don’t have to keep up with and manage IT needs in-house, you and your staff will be more productive and able to focus on activities that grow your business and keep you ahead of the competition.

We’ll closely observe your computer systems, anticipating and solving problems before they occur and giving you answers to questions when you need them. With us as your Athens-based managed services provider, you’ll receive on demand access to professionals and big business managed IT services at small business prices. With our flexible managed services programs, your IT and your budget planning become easier, allowing you to focus efforts on locating new sources of profit.

Contact PT Technologies now for more information on our managed IT services and to schedule a free IT assessment for all your business system needs.
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By: Ali Elizabeth Turner