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This past March may have “roared in like a lion and gone out like a lamb,” but it also was the time that yet another “_____ Left Coaster” came to Alabama and fell head over heels in love with our beautiful state. I am happy to introduce to the readers of Athens Now to Kimberly Gosser, owner of Pawsh Pet Styling and Barkery.

Kimberly is the mother of four, and is married to Logan, who honorably served our country with distinction while in the Army. They left Colorado to come here for Logan’s new job as well as for Kim to do what she does so well, and that is, groom animals.

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To say that Kim’s background and experience in the grooming world is luminary is no exaggeration. She was born and raised in Los Angeles, and her uncle was a legendary handler/trainer/groomer for the film industry. Whether that gifting can be inherited or not, I don’t know, but Kimberly herself has groomed the dogs of such celebrities as Kevin Costner, Selma Hayak, and Betty White.
Her focus in the industry has been the “high end” realm of the dog competition world. She has been responsible for preparing dogs for famous shows with the intent of dazzling the judges, and she has certainly succeeded. However, one of the things I so enjoy about her is her heart for animals in general, not just the “canine elite.” When we first met, the Gossers had taken in as “foster parents” a beautiful Boston terrier who had some pretty severe issues.

9-18-2015 2-51-38 PMBesides having the highest certifications in the grooming industry, Kimberly is also a Certified Canine Behavior Specialist; essentially she is a true “dog whisperer.” One of her dreams that she hopes to fulfill here in Alabama is to have a foundation that helps to not only rescue and shelter dogs, but that will have the funds to work with their behavior so that they have a better chance of finding a good home. Many dogs end up in shelters because their owners don’t have a clue as to how to train them and bring forth their best, decide to put them in a shelter, and the problems begin to compound. It’s a vicious cycle, because no one wants to adopt a dog that they can’t handle or doesn’t fit well with their family.

9-18-2015 2-51-46 PMWhile the majority of Kim’s clients are competitors, if you have a “mutt,” your dog will get the same tender loving treatment. I have several animal people in my life; some write for Athens Now. They always teach me so much, and this day was no exception. While chatting with Kimberly, I learned that dogs can have special needs for their skin just like humans do. Most of us would not use dishwashing detergent to wash our own hair, but will do so for our dogs, and it can cause skin problems. I must confess, in the past I have been guilty as charged when it comes to not even considering a dog’s skin and hair needs, but thanks to Kimberly, those days are over! She will take a look at your dog’s skin and determine what would be the best for their breed and state of health. And, by the way, any dog that comes to Pawsh Pet Styling and Barkery will get a specially made blueberry facial as part of the grooming package.

A perusal of Kimberly’s before and after photos of her clients would demonstrate that she knows how to make a dog (or cat) look smashing, but she also understands that in the canine world, as in ours, you are what you eat.

9-18-2015 2-52-14 PMTo that end, she has started The Barkery, wherein she crafts treats for dogs that are actually good for them; many of which are made from organic food. Just as our kids are suffering from eating junk, and are suffering for it, the health of dogs and cats has declined because the food they eat so often is the equivalent of junk food. Kim not only wants to build a brisk business centered around The Barkery, she also wants to educate her clients as to how to make their dogs thrive in every regard.

So, if you want a very down to earth groomer who can make your dog’s chances of being a champion soar, contact Kimberly Gosser of Pawsh Pet Styling and Barkery for an appointment. Your animal will be in loving, capable, skilled hands, and you and your dog will greatly enjoy the results.
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By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

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