One Love Hearing Concepts: Adding Space, Services, And Locations

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Zeke Creasy of One Love Hearing Concepts came back to his Limestone County roots to start a new career, and Athens Now introduced him to our community back in the fall of 2015. He had been a highly successful chef in Arizona, and now that he had a family, he wanted to have time for them as well as serve our community in a different way.

He graduated from East Limestone High School, and was a tough point guard all throughout middle school, as well as while he was a member of the ELHS basketball team. He went on to graduate from Auburn in Hotel and Restaurant Management, and additionally in Business Management. He also graduated from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary School, and built up a highly successful catering business. All of those skills were successfully parlayed into a business that now has grown to six locations, and the Athens clinic is about to go from 1200 square feet to 2400 square feet in order to better serve their clients. The remodeling process is slated to begin today.

How does a highly trained chef become a highly trained hearing specialist? Well, Zeke had a family friend who was like an uncle, and who had one hearing aid store. Zeke came to work for him, mostly to see if it was a good fit. He told his “Uncle” that he “would work for free for a week,” and he was hooked. Just like falling in love with his wife Angel and her kids, Zeke fell in love with helping people to hear, and on his first day helped five people with their hearing.

Early on, Zeke had the experience of watching a man who had not been able to hear for decades hear the sound of his wife’s voice, and tears were streaming down the guy’s cheeks as he got in touch with what he had missed out on. Zeke told me that “hearing is a really emotional issue for people,” and to get certified as a hearing specialist involves what he described as “brutal testing.” To Zeke, it has been completely worth it, and he knows he has found his calling.

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I asked him what was different about One Love, and why I should come to him if I were in need of help with improving my hearing. “We are one big family,” he said, and went on to add, “A lot of people say that, but here it is true. My clients are not just clients. When we lose one, it’s like a family member has passed on.” He also said that “The biggest issue is trust. I am not going to sell one of my clients something they don’t need or want. Not everybody needs hi-tech.” I found out that there are hearing apps for Smartphones, and those are going to be much more attractive to young people whose hearing is has been damaged by loud music, videos, and industry.

8-5-2016 11-03-55 AMOne of the things Zeke is very proud of is the company with which he is associated. He loves the Starkey Company, which is his equipment supplier, and is proud that they are American made. The Starkey Company is out of Eden Prairie, MN, and has the same passion to help people hear as does One Love, irrespective of their income level. Both Starkey and One Love offer premium technology, and they also refurbish hearing aids so that people can get them for as little as $40 a month. They are also able to offer 0% in-house financing. This is a real blessing for people on a fixed income. In addition, if you donate an old battery, they get recycled, and the jars of batteries in Zeke’s office are an interesting conversation piece. In a word, One Love will do all they can to help you hear because they love their patients. It’s as simple as that.

Over the months since our last article, One Love has been able to serve far more clients, and Zeke wanted me to be sure to express his obvious appreciation for their word of mouth advertising which has been a key part of One Love’s growth. “We would not be here if it weren’t for them,” and part of his love for his clients will be shown in the plans for the remodeled Athens facility. “We are going to have refreshments available in the waiting area,” and while he hasn’t “finalized the menu,” he knows it will include popcorn and spring water. There will be separate testing rooms, service rooms, and his office manager will have her own private office.

One Love now has 15 employees, and 5 apprentice technicians, who will take their final test in September. The 6 locations are in Athens, Hartselle, Madison, Hazel Green, Scottsboro, and Guntersville.
If you or a loved one are in need of tender loving care for your hearing, you need to call Zeke Creasy for a free consultation. He is board certified as a hearing specialist, the owner of his company, a native Athenian, a husband and a dad, and he has a big heart. He is waiting to show you that he means it when he says, “You deserve to hear,” and he wants to give you what he calls “a better hearing journey.”
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By: Ali Elizabeth Turner