October Orange Cake – Cooking With Anna

The color orange makes people think of fall. The color of falling leaves, the color of pumpkins, the color of warm sunsets, the color of sweet fruit. If the month of October had a color it would be orange. The color makes you feel warm and cozy.
Oranges, the fruit, are sweet and tart. This time of year, people give fruit to loved ones. Oranges have long symbolized the season of giving. The giving of oranges (balls of gold) is a symbol of charity and giving. Also, because the orange separates easily into segments, it is an ideal and easy fruit to share with others.

My mother has always loved Orange Cake. She had an aunt that made it every holiday season and she has continued the tradition. It is a simple cake that is easy to make but is delicious and so comforting. We enjoy it every year, and I hope you will enjoy it as much as my family does.