Nutrition In The Xtreme, And Living The American Dream


Back in December of 2010, when I first interviewed Josh and Shelley Cagle, the owners of Xtreme Nutrition on Hwy 31 near Domino’s, it was the eve of their grand opening and they were unashamedly “pumped.” Here is what I had to say about my first impressions of these young, “xtremely” hard working entrepreneurs:

“Josh and Shelley Cagle are my latest encounter in what’s becoming a long line of hardworking, savvy, free market capitalists who want the satisfaction of being their own boss and benefitting the community while they are doing it.”

2014-02-22_14-21-11What has happened since then is nothing short of yet another example of how blessed we are to live in America and pursue its dream. Last week Josh signed the contract on the ninth Xtreme Nutrition and Smoothies store, this one to be located in Manchester, TN. The others are in Madison, Decatur, North Huntsville in Bender’s Gym, Florence, South Huntsville in Bailey Cove, Columbia, TN and Indiana. Josh is the owner of 4 stores, and the other 5 are owned by franchisees.

In addition, the Cagles are moving from the Hwy 31 location and will be opening a new store in the Publix Shopping Center toward the end of March. Xtreme Nutrition and Smoothies now is a full-fledged franchise, with its own registered store color, signage, logo, font, and in about two weeks, a brand new nutritional product line.
Josh has had a great interest in nutrition for athletes since he began his own bodybuilding career as a teenager. “There’s a lot of junk out there,” he told me, “and what is on the label isn’t always what is inside the container.” So, as the proactive entrepreneur that he is, Josh set out to formulate his own excellent line. He purchased raw powders from suppliers, and he knew what he wanted to be in the product. He did a goodly amount of research, as well as some trial and error to come up with the right ingredients in the right proportions. The result is a line called 316 Formulations, named after John 3:16 in the Bible. Both Josh and Shelley are strong believers, and while their businesses are flourishing, they are very careful to acknowledge God as their source of blessing.

Both Josh and Shelley have used Josh’s product, and are pleased with the results. Since Josh announced the launch of 316 Formulations on Facebook, they literally have hundreds of pre-orders. The flagship product is called Rapture, and is the umbrella term for the pre-workout drinks. The pre-workout drink for losing weight while exercising is called Rapture Lean, and the drink for adding bulk and preparing for competition is called Rapture Mass. The fat burner is called Accelerex.

2014-02-22_14-21-31It was important to Josh that the pre-workout drinks not give anyone the jitters, and he describes the energy boost that can be gained from using them as being “clean and very smooth.” Rapture also contains 5-HTP, which helps with focus. Another interesting feature is that the recommended serving size is the same for men and women.
Rapture was formulated here in Athens and is produced in what is known as a GMP certified facility. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practice, and means that everything about the facility is top notch. It is a certification that cannot be purchased. 316 Formulations is going to be stocked in all of the franchise stores, and will also be available to purchase online at

I always feel that I can best tell an Athens Now client’s story if I get the chance to watch them in action with their own customers. While I was in the Madison store conducting this interview, some prospective shoppers came in, loaded with questions. Josh answered them well, and then did something that impressed me. He is a Certified Personal Trainer, and offered to write out a workout regimen for each of them for free. In addition, on the wall that has the menu posted for the smoothies is written the following: “Add 50 cents to your smoothie and we will match it to fund a scholarship for a local student athlete.”

There are a number of ways Xtreme Nutrition and Smoothies gives back to our community. They sponsor athletes from cheerleaders to bodybuilders. Pat Bellew, a local bodybuilder, is due to go national in 4 months, thanks largely to Josh. They are sponsors of the Sheriff’s Rodeo, and this past year were sponsors of the Pink Elephant Luncheon, which raises funds for battling breast cancer. The Alabama Veterans’ Museum is pleased that they are going to be sponsors for this year’s luncheon on March 22nd that will honor female veterans from the Vietnam era.

To me, Josh, Shelley, and their dream are shining jewels in our community; proof that hard work, integrity, vision, and generosity are blessed by God and are what still make America great. Come experience it for yourself.
Old Athens location (until the end of March)
117 A Hwy 31 S, Athens, (next to Domino’s Pizza)
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Hours: M-F 10-6:30, Sat 10-5
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Athens, Al 35613
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By: Ali Elizabeth Turner