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Nutrients The Stars Use - Dr OzShiny hair, flawless skin, white teeth, perfect weight, plenty of energy, perfectly clear eyes, how do the celebrities do it? If you know anything about celebrities, they have to have something to keep them going with their hectic and extreme lifestyle. The life of a star demands they stay constantly conscious of their physical appearance. Of course most of them workout and eat healthy, but is there more to it than that? Do they have a secret weapon to staying vibrant?

Herbs N MoreThe secret they hold is no secret at all. Most celebrities take vitamin and mineral supplements to aid in keeping their bodies in tip top condition. I say it is no secret because they endorse so many of the products they use. Tiger Woods, Jillian Michaels, George Forman, Dana White, Britney Spears and not to mention Dr. Mehmet Oz. The list goes on and on. What are these supplements good for?

Dr. Oz, a star worthy of our admiration, spends a great deal of time teaching and helping others understand the importance of nutrition and natural health. One of the most watched medical doctors in history explains how we can take control of our own health, and avoid being dependent on the medical profession.

Because of his popularity, Herbs and More has added,for your convenience, a Dr. Oz shelf, so you can see the products about which he teaches on his show! These products range from weight loss supplements like Raspberry Keytones and Green Coffee Bean extract, to omega 3 fatty acids for heart and cardiovascular health.

Herbs N MoreOne of the supplements we carry that Dr. Oz talks about is MSM, which he touts as “the six week arthritis cure.” MSM also helps with allergies, inflammation, and food allergies, and may eradicate some infections. Other items Dr. Oz promotes are: Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidant supplements for heart health such as Ultimate Coral Calcium, Raspberry Keytones (to help break down fat,) Green Coffee Bean extract (to help burn fat,) and Beta Glucan.

Supplements Most Used By Celebs

#1 Protein and meal replacement shakes: Herbs and More stocks a whole line of shakes that range from meal replacement for weight loss, night time fat burning shakes, and body building proteins that give you what you need to put on muscle. Our bestseller is a product called Isofire, which you drink before dinner. Isofire fills you up, tastes like a milk shake and helps your body burn fat all night long! Celebrities that use supplements like these range from supermodel Adriana Lima to Arnold Schwarzenegger.

#2 Thermogenics: These supplements are used to speed up the metabolism and help your body burn more fat. The defining factor of a thermogenic is that it increases core body temperature so you burn more calories per hour, and have natural energy. Herbs and More also stocks a line of thermogenics, including Dieters’ DeLite and LifeSynergy. These two have been used by thousands of people to burn fat, increase energy, curb the appetite and control their portion sizes. The nutrients in these products also help boost the immune system, and aid in enhancing focus and concentration! Celebs that use these type of weight loss supplements are Brad Pitt, Steve Burton, Matthew McConaughey, Kelly Slater, Mariano Rivera, Sanoe Lake, Chaka Khan, Torii Hunter, and Michael Saucedo, to name a few.

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#3 Energy drinks and supplements:
Most celebs use these to increase focus and concentration, feelings of well-being as well as fat burning. Some of my favorites fall under the names Lipodrene, A.C.T. and Dieters’ DeLite. These particular supplements should be used with some extra attention given to blood pressure levels, and some should be cycled for best results. Others include L-Arginine, Beta alanine, Bitter orange, PEA and geranium. Stars that endorse energy drinks and supplements; Nelly, Tony Little, Steven Segal, Hulk Hogan, and Jillian Michaels.

#4 Multi vitamin-mineral: These particular nutrients should be used by everyone, and are designed to give the body a vast array of different nutrients so it can stay healthy at a cellular level. For instance, if Angelina Jolie is training to build muscle and cut body fat for a new movie, she might choose to supplement with a multivitamin mineral to replace the nutrients lost during exercise and dieting. Some of the best can be found at Herbs and More under the names Ultimate V-M and Life’s Fortune.

#5 Amino Acids:
Amino Acids are extremely important for those who exercise. When working out, the muscles get depleted of these acids, (especially branch chain amino acids or BCAAs,) and if not replaced, the body breaks the muscle down instead of rebuilding it. Some of the most popular Amino Acids are Glutamine, (60% of muscle volume is glutamine,) which is greatly depleted during exercise. Increasing glutamine helps recovery and workout. Glutamine is also used as brain food, because it easily passes the blood brain barrier, and it helps with stomach issues such as ulcers and colitis. Leucine aids in muscle building and fat loss. Valine helps with energy, stamina, brain repair, muscle recovery and concentration. These are just a few of the benefits of BCAAs. All of the Amino Acids can be purchased separately at Herbs and More, or all in one amazing product called Isofire.

Herbs N MoreThese are only a few of the top nutrients used by the stars to keep them going and looking their best. Many also take immune boosters to keep them healthy. If you are worried about the flu or catching colds, it would be a great idea to check into IS-3. The ingredients in it have been proven to boost immune function by up to 250% in as little as 7 days. Many report that after a few days on IS-3 they no longer suffer with sinus problems, allergies, fibromyalgia, or chronic fatigue. We call it our “Teachers’ and Nurses’ Choice” because they say it helps them stay healthy even though they are exposed to everything. If you would like to learn more, go online and watch the video (youtube IS-3 Seth Williams).

Many stars report great results taking Omega oils and MSM to improve the skin and cardiovascular system. Omega oils not only lubricate the cardiovascular system but aid in the rebuilding of the arterial walls, which may help prevent heart disease as explained by Dr. Matthias Rath, M.D.

MSM also helps to improve elasticity of the veins, arteries and capillaries, helps with acid reflux, indigestion, absorption of all other nutrients, decreases lactic acid build up in the muscles, softens and smooths scar tissue in the body and on the skin, and has been shown to lubricate joints for better mobility!

Herbs N MoreWhere do you find these supplements? Herbs and More in Athens, Alabama, of course! We have all the supplements you need to reach whatever goal you have, from weight loss to beating arthritis. If you are sick and tired of taking one medication after another, and are looking for a better way, then give us a call at 256-233-0073 , or email me at Check out our website at, or come and see us at 905B South Clinton St. Athens, AL, 35611. We will be happy to assist you with your journey.

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