New Year, New You! It is the time for those New Year’s resolutions

By: Jackie Warner

The gym is full, and all the treadmills are taken! Yes its time to scale back and get ready for your new summer debut. As January starts to end, the treadmills will start to free up and those New Year weight resolutions will get a little blurry. We know this is what happens every year, but it does not happen to be the end of your weight loss journey. Recently I spoke with a nutritionist and discussed simple things we can do to make a lasting impact on our weight loss journey. The conversation was nothing new. We hear it often, and know in our minds what we need to do, but it takes a firm commitment to put it into action.

During our week, we eat breakfast, lunch, dinner — and don’t forget the snacks. The problem comes when we must determine what we will fix or go out and buy. We spend more time thinking about what we will eat than the time we spend preparing it. The more the nutritionist talked about healthy choices, the more I realized the best way to make this happen was to buy right so I would eat right and then feel right. The hardest meal for me is the one I needed the most — breakfast. I have so much to do before leaving the house each morning that breakfast is always an afterthought. Learning some simple ways to take 30 minutes on Sunday afternoon to prepare it has made my weekly breakfast a welcomed, scrumptious, healthy treat as I leave for work each day. Finally, I get it! Food prep is the way to go. I started with a bowl, muffin pan, veggies, eggs, cheese, and meat; and once mixed, I put it in the oven, and within minutes, I have breakfast muffins for the week. I just pop one or two in the microwave and enjoy it on my way in to work. So, who says you have to use those 30 minutes in the gym to lose the weight?

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By: Jackie Warner, Career Development Faciliator