New Décor With Cents Or Maybe A Few Dollars…

By: Jackie Warner

Is your home ready for a makeover but your financial budget says no because the piggy bank is empty? Yeah, I know, right! All those furniture pieces we bought years ago really did look great in our homes, but now it’s time for an upgrade — out with the old and in with a new style of décor. Well, it is not that easy if you are like most of us who want the look we see on HGTV. I love watching all the home makeovers, dreaming about where I would place designer furniture, and, of course, choosing the newest wall colors. “STOP DREAMING!” I say to myself, waking up to realize this is a 60 minute TV show with lots of money and sponsors to get the job done. Spending a lot of money to bring your drab, dated, humble abode to life need not break the bank account! It’s doable with patience and a bargain eye to find purpose, or might I say re-purpose, for the look and style of décor you want. Yes, it does cost to do a home makeover, but I say go for it! You just need to know how to get what you want without using the credit/debit card.

Designer Deals on a sensible budget:

1. Get up early and catch the yard sales! Take your time to really look, and then start the negotiations. No one really wants to take all that stuff back inside.
2. Know when the thrift stores have their percentage off sales, and get there early to claim your purchases.
3. Get off Facebook and check out online do-it-yourself websites, tutorials, and YouTube videos for ideas that won’t break the bank; start a Pinterest account, and pin the items that interest you.
4. Get remnants. They are perfect for recovering pillows, banding drapes, and comforters.
5. Don’t shy away from items that might need a little work such as painting, sanding, and just a little repair.
6. Rearrange what you already have; move things around to other rooms. Change it up!
7. Adding one new piece can make the difference. Incorporate word art and wood décor to your walls.
8. Get beautiful pieces in your home just by stepping out your front door. Tall birch tree limbs become art when propped against the wall.
9. Trade items with your friends and neighbors; swap and shop with each other.
10. Declutter and organize.