Never Cure – The Alternative Approach

By: Roy P. Williams

As most of you know, our new president wants to repeal and replace Obama Care. Most of us would agree that that is not only a good idea, it is absolutely necessary if America is going to continue to lead the world.

My problem with repeal and replace is that you will never fix our broken health care system unless you get to the heart of the problems. I’ve been telling you for years that you cannot cure heart disease, cancer, diabetes, or any other disorder unless you identify and stop what is causing them in the first place.

The main problem with our modern day, so called, healthcare system is that it is no longer a part of the free enterprise system. The system we have today is totally regulated by a government agency called the Food and Drug Administration, which is totally controlled by the pharmaceutical industry. In other words, it is a socialist program and no social program has ever been successful in the long run. The FDA is so corrupt, at its core, that I often refer to them as the False Data Administration.

Almost 100 percent of the FDA is made up of doctors, pharmacists, and scientists that are loyal only to the pharmaceutical industry. It is so biased, in favor of the drug industry, that nothing will ever be tested much less approved by this government agency unless it can be patented by the pharmaceutical cartel, and I don’t use that term lightly.

For years now, people have identified actual cures for many diseases, such as heart disease and cancer, only to be turned away and, in many cases, charged as criminals by the FDA. Dr. Rath, who wrote the book Why Animals Don’t Get Heart Attacks But People Do, using the most expensive medical equipment, proved that a group of specific nutrients would not only prevent heart disease but, in most cases, could even reverse it.

You would think that his discovery would qualify him for the Nobel Prize in Medicine after having patient after patient with all types of heart disease receive huge benefits, including reversal of blockages and restoration of normal heartbeat. And in his book, one of his patients overcame cardiomyopathy using his formula. But instead of the Nobel Prize, he was demonized and kicked out of the medical profession.

Another example is the book Politics and Healing, which covers six all-natural cures for cancer. The doctors who used specific supplements to cure cancer were taken to court. The court dockets showed that in every case where supplements were used, within a few months those supplements were banned from use in the USA. Remember Laetrile or more commonly called vitamin B-17?

Of course, most people will never hear about Laetrile because it was banned from use as a cancer treatment in the U.S. after Dr. Krebs proved it would cure many types of cancer including, in some cases, stage 4 cancers.

My point is clear. If we are ever going to lower the cost of healthcare, one of the things we must do is take the power from the FDA and place the testing of all possible medical treatments in the hands of people who have no financial or personal interest in big pharma. It is, in my opinion, a conflict of interest to have people who are involved with and have a financial interest in the pharmaceutical industry to have the final say in what is going to be approved.

The next thing is to stop treating only the symptoms of disease and focus on prevention and actual cures. Over the last 60 years, our medical profession and the drug industry have developed a secrete moto, which is to “Never Cure.” They are always advertising and begging for money to help them find cures but I challenge you to name one disease they have cured in 60 years. The reason there are no new cures is because there is no money in actually curing disease.

The next thing we must be willing to do to lower healthcare costs in America is to cut the cost of treatments, drugs, hospital stays, doctor’s visits, and insurance. That can never be done unless we are willing to move away from the “third-party-payer” program we are presently using where insurance and the government pays healthcare cost.

Anytime you take “pay-as-you-go” out of a free enterprise society, the cost will always skyrocket. If American’s had to pay for their hospital stays, drugs, therapy, surgeries, and doctors directly out of their pocket, you would see the prices drop by as much as 75 percent in just one year.

We must as a society go back to the original principle that Hippocrates stated, “Let thy food be thy medicine.” God intended for us to get the vitamins, minerals, herbs, and proteins from our food; that would allow the body to heal. Cells are manufactured from those nutrients, and when you provide your body with them, it will heal. To learn more go to or visit us at Herbs & More in Athens or NHC Herb Shop in Killen.

And the last way to make healthcare affordable is to stop using the modern-day healthcare system except when absolutely necessary. My family and I have not been to a medical doctor in almost 30 years for anything other than injuries. We do not get physicals, mammograms, rectal exams, prostate exams, or any other so called medical exams.

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Your friend in health,
By: Roy P. Williams