Neck Pain: Chiropractic Treatment and Prevention – Medical Update

The neck, like the low back, is a complex area needing proper evaluation. Knowing where pain originates helps both diagnosis and treatment. Because of its proximity to the head, shoulders and upper back, pain in these areas often accompanies a neck issue. Each one of these regions, along with the Temporomandibular Joint, can refer pain into the neck.

Chiropractic Neck Pain Treatment
Neck PainThe first and primary solution a chiropractor will provide for neck pain is the chiropractic adjustment. Chiropractic adjustments remove subluxations, bringing movement back to the non-moving spine, and ultimately reducing muscle spasms, inflammation and nerve irritation. As a whole, the chiropractic adjustment brings neck pain relief by returning proper function and allowing the body to operate the way it’s supposed to. Whether your neck pain symptoms result from muscle spasms or an atlas of occipital subluxation, among many other causes, chiropractic adjustments help relieve acute or chronic neck problems by restoring the spine to proper function.

Neck Pain Prevention

Preventing neck pain is the wisest thing you can do to avoid a neck issue from becoming a chronic recurring problem. Prevention can occur by—regular chiropractic care, strengthening the shoulders and improving posture.
Regular chiropractic care keeps the neck moving and functioning the way it was created to function. By removing subluxations, neck motion is restored at the spinal joints, and ultimately this will prevent degeneration and neck arthritis. Without a doubt, chiropractic should be part of your regular health regimen to prevent future neck pain problems, as well as to keep your body functioning optimally.
Strengthening your shoulders will also go a long way in preventing neck pain. Strengthening the small rotator cuff muscles will take much pressure off the neck muscles in stabilizing the region. A good chiropractor can show you the proper neck and shoulder exercises to stabilize the area and prevent future neck pain.

Posture goes hand in hand with neck and shoulder strengthening. Good posture takes pressure off the neck and spine and preserves the discs. Good posture is a life-long process and needs to be thought of continuously.
If you are suffering from neck and back pain, seeing a doctor is important to determine the cause of your problem. Hoping your neck pain will go away on its own is the least productive action you can take. Don’t suffer unnecessarily—see a qualified professional that can give you an accurate neck pain diagnosis and effective treatment to alleviate your neck pain today.
Drs. Lynn and Lorie Hedgepeth are both chiropractors at ChiroCare in the East Limestone Community. Their office is located at 15093 Limestone Road, Harvest, AL 35749. They can be reached at 256-216-1006.
By Drs. Lynn and Lorie Hedgepeth