Nature and Nature’s God

By: Rosemary Dewar

The United States of America is one of God’s greatest gifts to humanity. Such a declaration is belittled in a culture shaped by the left leaning mainstream media. Many don’t really know why America is particularly special. America, unlike many sovereign countries before her, developed a value system that allowed man to earn his success justly, even after failure. Society has grown to be impatient, and wants success and justice like it wants its popcorn- nuked to perfection. They don’t realize they are killing both.

America’s Declaration of Independence clearly expresses the condition of man. The founding fathers understood that man is inclined to suffer under tyranny rather than justify the cost of freedom. Their reference comes from the Judeo-Christian viewpoint. God made man with the ability to endure his mistakes, and with mercy, excel. Twentieth century dictators took advantage of man’s condition in order to murder millions. Socialist dictatorships regulated man’s capability to advance. When a government becomes a god with no standard for liberty, one is left with tyranny.

Secularists assert that because Americans and Christians fail, their beliefs are morally inferior. Similar to how one can’t judge a religion completely by its followers; one can’t judge a nation merely by its citizens. The fundamental beliefs and the law that governs a religion or a nation are where one should investigate.

Man is flawed. Absolute morality exists. But, an ideal theocracy is impossible. Theocracies attempt to legislate morality to the point of implosion. Secularists aim to peddle to humanity the philosophy of relative ethics, which invariably fails. The religious community can’t debate ethics independently from God, and looks unintelligent. What is to be done? Defend nature. Nature has an order, a value system that requires respect and perpetuation. When the left carelessly removes a proven element of nature from a social system, the system begins to fail. Every issue the left touches regresses.

Natural law is like a game of Jenga. Conservatives and classic Liberals (or Libertarians) want to leave the structure alone. Leftists want to play with it. They pull the blocks, and cause undue stress on the blocks below. They could just put the block back, but instead they replace it with a Lego piece. The leftists see the structure begin to fail, and they frame conservatives as bad for doing little to nothing. Conservatives just want the left to put the block back.

All of history gives reference to what will either advance or devastate a civilization. Natural law requires reason, logic, and integrity. Omission and substitution weaken the outcome. The left wants to substitute natural law with shamelessness and meaninglessness in every facet of society. They assert, man doesn’t need determination, women don’t need connection, children don’t need parents, sex doesn’t need sacredness, education doesn’t need truth, art doesn’t need talent, business doesn’t need profit, justice doesn’t need a jury, and religion doesn’t need a God.

Perhaps C.S. Lewis expressed it best when he stated in Pilgrim’s Regress, “You don’t know the difference between what nature has meant for nourishment, and what it meant for garbage.”

The Roman Empire was just short of glorious. English historian, Edward Gibbon, summed up the empire’s decay in five major arguments: breakdown of the family, paganism, high taxation, government expansion, and excess of pleasure.

Germany was the most enlightened European country in the late 19th and early 20th century. The country’s decline shows similarities to the Roman Empire’s fall: collectivism, high taxation, expansion of government, censorship of religion, and elevation of men.

The first 10 amendments of the Constitution make it nearly impossible for a central leader to strip any individual of their natural, God-given liberty.

One of our founding fathers, John Adams writes, “We have no government armed with power capable of contending with human passions unbridled by morality and religion. Avarice, ambition, revenge, or gallantry, would break the strongest cords of our Constitution… Our Constitution was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.”

For current social justice warriors to allege that the United States is fundamentally, institutionally, and systematically discriminatory would be an illogical lie. Individuals may discriminate to the point of violating others, but the system is not inferior, the individual is. Simply because an individual discriminates doesn’t mean their liberty can automatically be violated. The system corrects social/economic disorder naturally, in keeping with Nature’s law.
By: Rosemary Dewar