My180 Health And Herbs & More: Teaming Up To Tune Up Your Health

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Herbs & More and My180 Health have both been featured on the front page of Athens Now on several occasions over the past five years. Roy Williams, the founder of Herbs & More, and Chip Wilson, the founder of My180 Health, have each had a deep commitment to build the health of residents of North Alabama that reaches back for decades. Both men and their families also have a burning vision that reaches into the future, and recently they came to the realization that they could accomplish much more if they pooled their resources, experience, knowledge, and staff.

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Roy and Gwen Williams, along with their family have been involved in the health industry for more than 30 years. Roy has developed and patented several supplement lines, Roy and his son Seth are regulars on Jamie Cooper’s TV station, and their family owns two stores, Herbs & More in Athens, and NHC in Killen. In addition, they have speaking engagements all over the TN Valley, and have a substantial following on Facebook.

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Chip Wilson is a former champion weight lifter, has started and sold several companies, owns the My180 Health and Wellness Center in Madison, (with another store in the planning stage), and also often has speaking engagements around the TN Valley.

The two became better acquainted over the technology of Whole Body Vibration, (the system by which astronauts returning from the Space Station regain their muscle mass) infra-red saunas, alkaline water, and, of course, helping their clients make healthy nutritional choices. Whole Body Vibration machines have been designated as FDA Class 1 Medical devices, and their use has exploded. They are being used as therapeutic modalities in such varied places as nursing homes, rehab centers, and the Russian Men’s Olympic Gymnastics team.

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Recently Roy and Chip decided to do what some of the fast food franchises have done, and that is to “share space.” The idea is akin to KFC and Baskin Robbins occupying the same building, (with the huge difference being a healthful result), and with regard to the aforementioned technologies, they now function as a franchise. Chip was able to add a much needed dimension to the concept, and that is, garnering coverage for physical therapy by insurance companies such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield and Medicare.

Getting insurance coverage has been a game-changer, as has been the addition of a certified physical therapist and massage therapists as staff members. “Some people come in and just aren’t able to begin on the machines,” said Chip. He added, “Now they can get physical therapy, and it is covered by their insurance. Then they can go on (when their physical therapist says they are ready), and incorporate the technology as part of their therapy. They really can not only regain their former health, but also exceed it.”

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Chip went on to say that “We will file your insurance for you,” and describes what he and Roy are doing as “a full service physical therapy center that is outside the box.” Essentially it has two parts, the “Physical Therapy side” and the “Wellness side.” The Physical Therapy side is pretty self-explanatory, and the Wellness side includes FitVibe, optional B-12 Lipo shots, (which are administered by nurses), and massage therapy. I had the privilege of chatting with several crew members from both shops and enjoyed my conversations with each one.

Gwen Williams, co-owner of Herbs & More, and NHC. “Roy and I noticed increased circulation after our first exposure at Chip’s store in Huntsville off of Airport Road, and I was sold from the start. I use the FitVibe at least three times a week, and it makes it possible for me to have both my personal trainer and yoga instructor work me out and get me upside down into positions that a 60-year-old should not be able to do! I have less muscle soreness, (a benefit experienced by many, myself included) and I sleep better. I really notice it when I get too busy and don’t take the time to do it.” Gwen also went on to tell me about how she has seen it help everyone from babies to the elderly. “I have a great niece who was really colicky. I sat down on the base of the machine and put her on my lap while it vibrated for about one minute. She quieted right down.” Gwen also told me about the benefits she has seen for her Aunt Trisha, who is diabetic and has diabetic nerve pain, as well as Uncle Billy, who loves the infrared sauna.

Don Smith, physical therapist. Don received his degree in 1974 from Loma Linda University, and practiced in California been for 32 years. He then was in Texas from 2003 to 2014, and moved here to be with his bride. He takes a personal interest in his patients, and wants to “treat the whole person, body, soul, mind, and spirit.” He especially loves to work with stroke victims, and people with Parkinson’s disease. “My patients become like friends and family.”

5-6-2016 9-21-41 AMKanetha Jackson, LPN. Previous to joining the team, Kanetha had worked in senior care and rehab facilities. She likes this so much better, and has noticed a change in several people since starting to receive the Lipo-B complex shots. She had one fellow tell her he had never felt better.

Melaine Emerson, massage therapist. Melaine came here from South Carolina, and not only has extensive experience as a massage therapist, but an excellent handle on nutrition and God’s Word. I could talk to her all day long, and her love for her clients is deep.

Jason Mitchell, massage therapist. On a weekly basis I hear from someone very near and dear to me what a good job Jason does. Overcoming a myriad of health challenges with massage as a part of recovery is the story here, and it’s a good one.

5-6-2016 9-21-53 AMI can speak from my own experience as to how effective these technologies are, and in a word, I feel great when I do them, and I notice big time when I don’t. Now that Herbs & More and My180 Health have teamed up, I will have twice the opportunity to build my own health, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Come experience what Roy Williams calls a “true health center” for yourself, and see if you don’t agree!

My180 Health and Wellness Center
1874 Slaughter Road Ste E
Madison, AL 35758

Herbs & More
609 US Highway 72 W
Athens, Al 35611