My 180 Health: Stay Strong Through Technology

10-17-2014 1-42-29 PM
I heard Chip Wilson speak at the October Coffee Call held at the Alabama Veterans’ Museum, and his passion to help veterans of all ages and levels of wellness was contagious. Passion is one thing, but he had brought together 4 elements—whole body vibration, infrared sauna therapy, alkaline water, and a proprietary nutritional plan into a system and a life center called My 180 Health. The flagship center is located at 12090 County Line Road, Suite N in the Madison County Line Publix shopping center complex. It is open M-F 8-7, and on Saturday from 8-2.

I knew of the benefits of the 4 things he had discussed, but I had not been aware of anyone putting them all together into a proprietary system and getting such dynamic results. We spoke briefly, I went to the center, was “put through the paces,” and after 10 days I can say I am a believer. When we first spoke, I asked him if any of his members had gotten any help with battling Lyme’s disease through his system, and he told me yes. This is important personally because I am fighting that particular bug, and for nearly 3 years my fingers have been so numb that I can only play the guitar for a few minutes at a time. I am pleased to report that the numbness has decreased noticeably in the brief time I have been going to My 180 Health. Both the combination of the whole body vibration and infrared sauna therapies have brought measurable relief in a little over a week.

Let’s talk about the technology of “whole body vibration.” It has been used by NASA to quickly help restore the muscular strength and bone density of astronauts who had been on the International Space Station, and had lost a considerable amount of both. Chip heard about it on the Arsenal, and knew he wanted to add it to his own “arsenal” of things that can truly help people who have no answers and no hope. NASA was finding that muscle strength and balance were being restored in 3 weeks, bone density in 6 weeks. Like many technologies, the application grew, and I have personally spoken with people who, prior to the last 4 months when the shop opened, couldn’t walk without a cane or a walker. I met a young woman with ataxia who is now walking, and whose father has spent nearly all his resources trying to find help for her. I have chatted with a retired military man with neuropathy who can now walk unassisted, and the list goes on.

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The machine that alkalizes water and helps the user get out of an unhealthy acidic state is open for members to get a cup to drink while working out. They can also take some with them when they finish their 10 minute workout and subsequent sauna session. The infrared sauna technology is different from traditional saunas due to the fact that it gets deeper into the skin. My health care practitioner was thrilled when she found out I had found one that was accessible, and am using it every day. It is indeed making a difference, and I am on track to beat that Lyme’s “bad boy” completely.

10-17-2014 1-43-05 PMHere are some more testimonials that have been sent to Chip. The first is that of a woman named Sharron Abernathy. “Sharron was an avid golfer and led an active lifestyle. However, when she was diagnosed with a chronic retina condition as well as an A-fib heart condition, she could no longer continue with traditional exercise programs. She discovered My 180 Health Center. Sharron has found through using Whole Body Vibration and Infrared Sauna Therapy she has regained core strength, flexibility and has less stress. Today Sharron is pain free, active and back on the course.”

R.J. Gaines said, “I love the WBV Machines and Infrared Warming Therapy. My workout session only takes about 10-20 minutes so I can get in and out quickly. No need to worry about packing my gym bag. I just come in after work and get what I need done.”

I am also encouraged by Chip’s heart for veterans, people who have lost hope for regaining their health, and people who are falling through the cracks of our broken health care system. He has this encouraging news to share: “Today physicians, sports teams and rehab centers regularly use WBV machines as part of their approach to healthcare and fitness routines. WBV Machines have a FDA Class #1 Medical Device listing. Whole Body Vibration training activates and stimulates 100% of the body’s muscles at the same time, which creates enhanced workouts. The Infrared Warming Therapy burns up to 600 calories a session only lasting about 10 minutes, and you can wear your normal, everyday clothes without breaking a sweat. This in combination with alkaline water and the nutritional awareness program completes the 180 degree transformation process.”
There are special discounts for veterans, teachers, government workers, and the prices are more than reasonable. The care and support is changing peoples’ lives and building a community. You can get a free two-day pass, and I would strongly suggest you come down and see what all the buzz is about. You can indeed become and “stay strong through technology.”
My 180 Health
12090 County Line Road, Suite N, Madison, AL 35756
Hours: M-F 8-7, Sat 8-2

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner