My 180 Health: A Turn-key System For Revitalizing Your Health

2-6-2015 9-24-41 AMIn October, 2014, readers of Athens Now were introduced to My 180 Health, a life center located on County Line Road in the Publix shopping center complex. It has been so successful that they are soon going to be opening new sites in Decatur and Athens. What is the secret to their success and explosive growth?
Actually, there are four secrets: whole body vibration, infrared sauna therapy, alkaline water, and a proprietary nutritional and supplement plan.
• Whole Body Vibration has been used by NASA to quickly help restore the muscular strength and bone density of astronauts who had been on the International Space Station
• Infra-red Sauna Therapy I use this in my personal battle with Lyme’s disease and eczema, and it helps with detoxing heavy metals, improving circulation, reducing stress and pain, and purifying skin
• Alkaline Water We have allowed ourselves to become way too acidic, and this is the easiest way to bring ourselves to a Ph balance, resulting in a number of health improvements
• Makeway Wellness The proprietary all natural wellness system that includes protein powder, supplements, and more. It is essentially the nutritional component that works to strengthen the effect of the other three services available at My 180 Health

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A bit more on Makeway Wellness– Everything in the supplements is all natural, and has been clinically proven to work. There are a number of herbs and compounds that are in the supplement line including, but not confined to, garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean extract, hoodia, collagen, melatonin, aloe vera, and zeolite. However, what sets the Makeway Wellness system apart is what is known as crystalloid electrolytes. This form of electrolytes acts like a turbo-charged transporter to the cell. In places like Iraq and Afghanistan, crystalloid electrolytes have been crucial in helping soldiers re-hydrate rapidly, as well as regain and boost mental clarity and focus much faster and more completely than with other systems.

I asked Chip what kinds of changes he has seen in his own body since the products were launched and he has taken them himself. “I have more clarity, more energy, and sleep better. I sleep through the night,” he said.

2-6-2015 9-24-51 AMAnother optional part of the My 180 Health center is called the B-12 Membership. For the weekly injections, they use a brand name known as Lipotonix. The use of injections of B-12, B-6, and other essential and non-essential amino acids is not at all new, nor is it considered to be outside of the norm, but this particular formula is the best, according to Chip, and it’s tough to find. He has it formulated at what is known as a compounding pharmacy, and the shots are administered by a nurse practitioner. Other places charge upwards of $50 dollars each, and the B-12 Membership costs $49 per month. You do not need to be a My 180 Health center member to purchase the B-12 Membership.

The list of positive effects of the Lipotonix injections is long, and some of the benefits include balancing estrogen levels, increasing stamina, preventing fatty liver disease, reducing cholesterol, increasing metabolic efficiency, improving sleep, regulating blood pressure, and promoting hair growth.
“With all these services, we now have a turn-key system for completely taking back our health, and there is no reason to go anywhere else,” said Chip.
It will be great news to seniors to learn that My 180 Health is now approved by Silver & Fit, one of many wellness programs underwritten by major insurance carriers, who will cover the cost of membership.

2-6-2015 9-24-59 AMMost importantly, Chip has a vision. “We are not just building a community, we are building a family,” he says. The kinds of things that are happening as a result of the technology available at the My 180 Health center are remarkable. A young woman with an extremely rare condition known as Friedreich’s ataxia is now walking. One fellow has discarded his walker, and it lives in the corner of the center near the door, with a sign on it that serves as a reminder to all of the fact that when its former owner first came in, he couldn’t go anywhere without his trusty red walker that sported a basket. An Athens doctor, also with different type of ataxia, is seeing tremendous results, and knows that the science behind the 4 components of My 180 Health is good. He is living proof that the system works.

The County Line center started out with about 20 members in June, and now there are approximately 120. The philosophy of My 180 Health is “Stay Strong through Technology,” and you are invited to start your own journey toward a revitalized life today. Come join the family!

My 180 Health
12090 County Line Road, Suite N, Madison, AL 35756
Hours: M-F 8-7, Sat 8-2
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

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