Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

By: Lana Woody

Women around the world have something common — the desire to be attractive. Women have always searched for ways to appear and become more beautiful. It is the most sought-after attribute since the beginning of time. Flawless skin, thick and shiny hair, and well-kept nails are all traits women seek. Passed down from generations, young women learn different techniques to improve their beauty. Our grandmothers learned from their grandmothers how to keep their skin and hair moisturized and looking good. From sticking their face in the cream bucket, or using Vaseline to take off their makeup, they learned how to take better care of themselves.

Beauty, though, is a rare and delicate thing. If someone would have asked Marilyn Monroe what it was like to be a bombshell, her answer would have probably shocked you. She would have shrugged her shoulders and said, “It’s not that great.” Years of broken relationships, being beautiful and famous, couldn’t really give her what she wanted. She wanted to feel loved, and feel like she was good enough, something no man could give her because of her childhood in an orphanage. The truth is, a lot of woman feel exactly the same way.

Our beauty is rated, our youth sought after. Some are even willing to do just about anything to get it. The problem is not that they don’t find beauty; the problem is that once they have it, they still feel inadequate. “Well, now what,” they think. “What do I have to try next?” All of these lotions, potions, and surgeries won’t give women what they want if they can’t bring themselves to see the beauty they already have. Many times, it is a man they desire that sets them out on this journey. Woman have been addicted to being beautiful for a man so they feel more fulfilled. The thing we seek the most is always just out of our reach. Because we give our beauty away too easily, we fail to see our true potential and put our fate in someone else’s hand.

Women from around the world have discovered that they are just as important as men. It is becoming very unpopular to abuse woman and treat them second rate. Throughout history we see women who were not willing to be considered property or thrown away because their youthfulness was gone. That is the reason I hesitate to tell you my best beauty secret. All the vitamins I take and my personal beauty regimen is only one part of the equation. I try to make every human I meet feel more beautiful, unless they lose my respect, and then I just kindly withdraw while refusing to play their game. You can spend all your time becoming more attractive, but the minute you put someone down, you lose something. We have all been guilty of this at one time or another.

We need to remember that there will always be someone as beautiful or more so. If you can’t come to terms with that and let inner beauty be the most powerful thing that does not ever fade, then you will be miserable. We are all unique and masterpieces in our own right. When you can see beauty in someone that most don’t see, you will have found the greatest beauty secret of all.

In contrast, Cleopatra treacherously weaponized beauty to bring the Roman Empire to its knees. She used olive oil on her hair, took milks baths, used black eyeliner, and Jasmine so they could smell before her ship came into port. She was renowned for her beauty; but there are many who said she was not that pretty. How could this woman do all that, destroy an entire empire to save hers, pit two men against each other, and create a legacy still revered today and not be that physically attractive? Because she was an artist, she created an illusion that was deceptive, breathtaking, and effective. She was able to captivate a man with a single glance. Her self-care was impeccable, she held a high opinion of herself, and understood the art of self-preservation. She took amazing care of herself. By comparison, taking care of our health and practicing self-care for the right reasons allows us to find the best and most attractive version of ourselves.

The makeup we buy is only temporary and washes off. For some natural beauty tips, I have created a Pinterest board called One Love Beauty Secretz (From Around The World). Of course, MSM+C helps your skin and nails look amazing. We have many other great beauty products to choose from, like Cell Power & Silica Spray.

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Your Friend in Health,
Lana E. Woody