Mental Wellness Is Critical To Our Being

By: Jackie Warner

1. Value You – Go to sleep, eat better, and laugh a lot.
2. Listen to your body. Visit your primary care physician regularly.
3. Know the people you hang around. Make sure they are good for you.
4. Learn which coping mechanisms work for you to reduce stress.
5. Change up your routine. Make room for change and embrace the options.
6. Medication, Drugs and Alcohol are not the right answers to your wellness.
7. Get off the grid by leaving your smart phone at home. Disconnect from the emails and
other technology interrupters.
8. Relax and pamper yourself. Get your beauty rest…men and women.
9. Exercise. Doing so lifts one’s mood by releasing endorphins that are critical to
experiencing happiness and feeling less pain.
10. Seek out the help you need. Give yourself permission to find peace. Seeking help is a
sign of strength — not a weakness.

Are you thinking about seeking the help of a specialist? If certain issues have been causing problems in your life and you aren’t sure how to make the necessary changes, therapy can help. With the help of a professional, you can get out of an unhealthy cognitive, emotional, and behavioral pattern.