Medical Update – Emotional Freedom Technique: A Household Tool


Have you ever been in a situation when you have been stressed and either pinched the bridge of your nose, pressed your temples, covered your eyes with your fists, or smote your chest? Since the discovery of pressure points and the fact that we are highly electrical beings, such instinctive actions make perfect sense in view of the need to clear out excess negative energy and deal with a difficult situation well.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is a healing tool that should be integrated into every household. It can provide quick relief for common problems that we all experience such as anxiety, depression, physical pains, or weight issues. Without the involvement of drugs, surgery, or other traditional therapies, EFT is safe for adults and children because there are no risks or side effects.

Its origins lie in acupuncture, a Chinese healing method that uses needles on energy meridians in the body. Instead of using needles, in EFT the practitioner users fingertips to repeatedly tap on similar energy pathways. Acupuncture was developed to treat physical issues, and EFT takes it a step further by integrating emotional healing. By focusing on a problem while tapping on energy meridians, the underlying emotional issue can be released.

EFT operates on the premise that all negative emotions are caused by an imbalance in your energy system. By correcting that imbalance, the emotional distress releases instantly. EFT can also provide relief from physical pains, even where there is no obvious connection to underlying emotional issues. EFT is able to resolve problems when traditional therapies have failed because it relieves the core issue behind the problem.

Emotional Freedom Technique is perfect for families because it requires no special equipment, it’s easy to learn, and it can be applied to any common dilemma. Adults can use it for business, chronic pain, weight loss, lifelong emotional struggles, and the worries that we all have. Kids can use it to help them with school work, friends, sports, and anxieties over a move, doing to the dentist, or loss of a pet.

I have been involved with various energy healing techniques since 1992, and have been a full time EFT coach since January 2005. In my practice I have been able to help many people resolve everyday problems in their lives.

I have one client who works in a nursing home and uses the technique on a regular basis to stay calm and centered. She has also begun to treat some of her coworkers for their stress. Additionally, she can use EFT for residents to ease some physical pains and various emotional upsets that occur regularly.

Another client has a four year old daughter who was traumatized by a severe thunderstorm at the age of two. I instructed him to do some tapping with his daughter the next time there was a thunderstorm that scared her. He reported back that she immediately calmed down and has not had a problem with thunderstorms since.

Combat veterans often experience great results with EFT when treated for issues regarding trauma, PTSD, and addictions — problems that are all too common among this population. Dawson Church has been devoted to doing research in this area for a number of years and has a great web site documenting results from using EFT with vets at In my practice I have seen good results in using the technique for this particular set of problems. EFT treatment for vets certainly deserves more exploration. Not providing proper care for our returning warriors results in suffering, loss of life, and broken homes. EFT is a simple, affordable option for giving vets a healthy way to integrate back into a normal civilian life.

When EFT is used on a regular basis to resolve common problems that crop up in any family, it becomes a valuable tool, just like the household first aid kit. Many of us have gotten disgruntled with our current healthcare system, and I know that people are looking for a less costly, more effective solution. EFT is a holistic solution that will solve the underlying cause of a problem instead of just masking it. Once the method is learned, EFT is free and can be used anytime in your own home for great results.

Don Milton is a holistic practitioner who specializes in emotional freedom coaching. He can be reached at or (205) 822-5962. For personal coaching, go to and to learn EFT for yourself, go to
By: Don Milton