Mays Computer Company: Stellar Systems And Service

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Once again the Mays men have come to my rescue as the true gentlemen they are, and I am really hoping that at some point I quit my computer version of “maiden in distress” routine for good. Sooner would be better than later, my husband is rightfully thinking. Back in July, for the first and last time, I tried to cook with my laptop being present in the kitchen. I had found a recipe online for a delicious, healthy, gluten-free chocolate zucchini bread. I was about to mix in the wet ingredients, and yes, haste did indeed make waste. I neglected to put the lid on our Vitamix, hit the “high” button, and our kitchen and I became something that could have been on the set of a sit-com. There was green “zuke juice” mixed with maple syrup dripping from the ceiling, and I succeeded in baptizing my laptop (and my iPhone) in it. Needless to say, my computer died, and I cried.

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Still sniffling, I called Mays Computer Company, explained what happened, and asked if they had a Dell that was similar to the one I had purchased from them a few years back for my job as the publisher of Athens Now. Over the phone, and in the background, I heard owner Steve Mays call out to his son, Elijah, saying, “Eli, get that Dell ready and take it to Miss Ali.” In under 30 minutes, I had a fully loaded laptop delivered to our door, and off we went on vacation. That’s my story of stellar customer service, and I’m stickin’ to it! Not only that, but as a “raving fan customer,” I send everyone I know who is in need of anything related to computers to Mays, and have never had a worry in doing so.

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Let’s take a look at the Mays Computer Company’s journey over the last five years and see what is new. Steve Mays originally became interested in computers many years ago, and found he had a knack for repairing them, getting good deals on all kinds of models, and became the “go to” computer guy for his friends, family and colleagues. That morphed into a successful store located at the intersection of East Limestone Road and Nick Davis Road that was severely damaged in the 2011 tornadoes. They made a comeback in 2012, and are now located at the corner of East Limestone Road and Capshaw Road in the Chevron station complex. The official address is 27490 Capshaw Rd, Suite B, Athens, AL 35613.

Steve has made sure that he and everyone working in the store has continued their computer education, and is fully familiar with the quirks of several systems and products. “We have changed as the needs of the customers have changed,” he said. Then he added, “Think about it. Five years ago when we started, there was no such thing as an iPad, a Surface, or Windows 7. Now we offer televisions, iPads, and iPhones, and we’ll still be right here as things continue to change.”
The reason Mays Computers can give such great deals on high end commercial grade computers of all types (that are perfect holiday gifts) is that Steve Mays drives mega miles to get them. He has found nearly new or unused computers by the truckload after the standard 18 month business lease is up. Often they are still in the manufacturer’s packaging, and these are not off-brands, either. They include Dell, HP, Sony, IBM , Microsoft brands and other PC products, as well as Apple. They also have other accessories of all kinds, and are real pros at helping people get the system they truly need at a fraction of retail. They are also able to repair all of them, and quickly.

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If you have been “phished,” or have downloaded nasty viruses, (as I have,) for around 100 bucks they can get you completely cleaned up and fixed up, usually in the same day.

11-21-2014 2-14-49 PMAnother place where Mays Computer Company “shines” is in the realm of gaming systems. They have Alienware for the serious gamer. “That is the Rolls Royce of gaming systems,” Steve said.

As the years have gone by, they have found great success in specializing in business systems and networking. However, because there is an increasing number of people who have computer crises and disasters as I have described above, they have adapted into offering what is known as “third shift work.” They will take special appointments at special times, and while there is a charge for it, I can speak from experience that these guys will do whatever it takes to get you and your computer “humming” again, and pronto.

If you are looking for a gift or need to give yourself the gift of an excellent product and legendary service, come to Mays Computer Company and let them turn you into a satisfied customer for life.
Mays Computer Company
Steve and Regena Mays, Owners
27490 Capshaw Rd Suite B Athens, AL 35613
Phone: 256-444-4040
Hours: 9:30-6 Mon-Fri, 10-2 on Sat
Facebook: Mays Computer Inc. Look there for weekly specials and updates.
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner