May I See a Sample of your Work?

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Do you have a career portfolio of your work?

Whatever your area of interest for a chosen career, make sure are not only able to talk about it but you are also prepared to showcase it. Many times individuals only think of an artist, writer, photographer, or perhaps a caterer providing samples or visuals of their work for potential clients to see. Things have changed; and in society today it is very important that you are ready to show and tell about who you are when it comes to gaining new business and/or obtaining employment.

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Designing a portfolio of your work takes time, but the payoff is incredible.

How many of you make a decision just off words? Not many. If you have visuals, evidence, testimonials, before and after pictures – they play a major role in your decision making.

Organizations want to make informed decisions too! Employers have thousands of applicants daily for only one open position. How do they determine who gets to the top of the list?

Set yourself apart from the competition by being prepared to showcase who you are and what you have to offer. The time spent developing your portfolio is well worth the return. Remember this is an investment in you and your future success. Your portfolio should be presented in a professional leather binder including the following items for others to view:

A Reflection of You as a Professional
Resume of your Experience & Expertise
Samples of your Work including Presentations and Projects
Accomplishments & Awards (tangible artifacts, pictures, and evidence)
Completed Education and Professional Development
Images and Links

The Show and Tell Starts with You! Start Now!
Until Next Time, Be Sincere, Kind and Intentional
By: Jackie Warner, Career Development Facilitator

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