Making The Move – The Alternative Approach

By: Roy Williams

WOW! It is hard to believe that Herbs & More has already been in this location for five years and in Athens for 25 years. It is also hard to believe that we are making another important move to a new and even better location. Special thanks to everyone in Athens and the surrounding area for supporting us for all these years.

This move will help us to serve everyone better. We will continue to carry all the brands that you have learned to love. In the new location we will have even more room to make sure we are “The Go-To Place” for alternative health care including individual rooms for Massage, Bio-Mat, Full Body Vibration, Infrared Sauna, and our newest health enhancing service, the BEMER Mat which is FOR LIFE *** FOR ENERGY *** FOR YOU

Better health for all our customers is our goal. Helping you to understand what is necessary for maintaining good health and coaxing your body into the healing process when needed is what we strive for. Yes, you can truly say that Herbs & More is all about you and your health.

Serving You Better
We continue to be on the cutting edge of health care because we are “True Health Care.” These are some of the services Herbs & More offers you for better health and a better future.

ENHANCES: General Blood Flow; the Body’s Nutrients & Oxygen Supply & WASTE; Cardiac Function; Physical Fitness, Endurance, Strength & Energy; Primary Prevention; Concentration, Mental Acuity & Relaxation; Stress Reduction; Sleep Management.
1 Session $20 12 Sessions $200 1 Month $400 You can OWN your own!

BENEFITS: Improves Bone Mineral Density; Less Joint Pain; Better Range of Motion; Better Circulation; Better Lymphatic Drainage; Faster Recovery. Ten minutes equivalent to one hour of cardio exercise.
1 Session $5 Daily 10-Minute Sessions Monthly $30 Includes Infrared Sauna

BENEFITS: Detoxification; Relaxation; Weight Loss; Pain Relief; Blood Pressure Reduction; Improves Circulation; Skin Purification aka Anti-Aging; Wound Healing; Cell Health; Muscle Recovery; Increases Immune System
Included with Whole Body Vibration Session

BENEFITS: Pain Relief; Increased Energy; Improved Sleep; Improved Digestion; Toxin Reduction; Decreased Swelling; Reduced Weight; Improved Skin; Improved Emotions (Attitude); Reduces Yeast. By appointment only – Contact Abbie
1 Session $35 3 Sessions $90 6 Sessions $150

BENEFITS: Improves Circulation & Cardiovascular Function; Immune Function; Relieves Pain; Burns Calories; Eases Joint Pain & Stiffness; Reduces Stress & Fatigue; Improves Skin; Assists in Elimination; Blood Alkalization & Purification; Revives Cells
30-Minute Sessions $10

Jason Mitchell LMT#1540 Therapy & Pain Management
Appointment Only
15 Minutes – $24 30 Minutes – $45 One Hour – $75

NEWtritional Health Care Product Line
MSM+C our flagship product since 1999 and the foundation to good health for everyone. NEWtritional Health Care has 33 patented products with the finest ingredients this world has to offer. After over 30 years of nutritional experience, I am convinced that “everyone should be on MSM+C from cradle to grave.”

Some of our other patented products include Ultra Joint Health for joint support, Ultra Bone Health for bone support, IS-3 to support a healthy immune system, Relief for reducing inflammation, IP-6 with Milk Thistle for liver support, Regular to support colon health, Moving Experience for those who suffer with constipation, Restore to clean up the endocrine system, Feminine Factors for women, Test-Up for men, and Heart for cardiovascular health.

Our greatest asset is our ability to learn about your symptoms and then direct you toward the products and services that will support your health.

Your Friend in Health,

Roy Williams