Making The American Dream Come True

4-18-2013 6-25-48 PMDuring the first two Saturdays of May, all of us have the opportunity to support the dream of home ownership and a secure future for our Athens Limestone families.

Habitat for Humanity uses the concept of community volunteerism to create GREAT promise for many hardworking families who are doing all they can to set the foundation for their future. All that is missing is a few hours of your time throughout the year to make it all happen.

4-18-2013 6-25-22 PMTo introduce women, their friends, and their families to the Habitat concept, a “woman build event” is being held in May that will greatly enhance Habitat homes with minor repairs and landscaping. For two days on May 4nd (8:00 am – noon) and May 11 (8:00 am – noon), you can sign up and experience the Habitat program, meet Habitat families, and enjoy making a difference in the lives of families in our community.

“It just so happens that the two homes we will be working on are woman owned homes. These families have been doing a great job with their participation in the Habitat program and they are realizing the dream of home ownership” says Amanda Garlen, Director of Habitat Resource Development. She notes that the “woman build event” is a time to recognize woman for their many talents and encourage them to use their talents in the community by supporting the families with painting, landscaping, and so much more.

“Women should not feel intimidated by the Habitat building program. We need all types of talent to complete these homes that are built almost completely by volunteer labor. If you can paint, if you can rake and plant, if you can work as part of a team, then we need you and your talents!”

4-18-2013 6-25-33 PMIt is hard to imagine that the majority of a home can be built by volunteer labor, but it is made possible by the organization skills of the Habitat Team by partnering with members of the community. Amanda Garlen says that by using a list of volunteers who can commit to a regular schedule, (for instance a Saturday each month), Habitat can arrange the full construction of a home which includes state of the art heating and “green” systems to provide cost effective and energy saving foundations for our community.

“We have 40 Habitat homes in Limestone County. We could have so many more if we had a larger register of volunteers who see the value of the program for our families and for our community.” On average, a home takes about three months to build. It is an ambitious schedule that can be met with ambitious and energetic volunteers. All potential Habitat families and current families also contribute their time and energy to the building projects throughout each year.

On May 4th and May 11th all work will be done on the outside of the homes. One church has signed up to include the build as part of their faith outreach, and Garlen encourages youth groups, families, and friends to call the office and experience the Habitat concept. Their number is 256-230-6001. The hope is that your commitment will lead to a strong foundation for our community and our families.
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner