Magnificent Thirteen – Horse Whispering

Out of my love and gratitude for horses, this month’s article names 13 different horses that have been a presence in the lives of nations, foundations, military, competition and media. Let’s play ‘Trivia’ ….JUST FOR FUN and FOR THE LOVE OF HORSES.

The names of the thirteen horses are: (1) Travelar (2) Burmese (3) Clever Hans (4) Muhamed (5) Figure (6) Big Brown (7) Champion (8) Gun Rock (9)Traveller (10) Jim (11) Buttermilk (12) King (13) Trigger
Any of these names bring a memory or a question to mind? Now the “fun” begins; after each statement see if you can identify the horse by placing the name of the horse. Giddy-up! Let’s go!

1. Horse of great stamina; British spelling of its name; grey American
Saddle bred; General Robert E. Lee’s most famous horse during the
American Civil war; notable for speed, strength, and courage

2. Known as the “world’s wonder horse” partnered with Gene Autry in film,
radio, and television; sorrel-colored; had a blaze down his face and
white stockings on all his legs except the right front; his first
onscreen credit was for 1935’s Melody Trail ____________

3. Horse was used to produce serum containing diphtheria antitoxin
(antibodies against diphtheria toxin; produced over 30 quarts);
failures in oversight led to the passage of the Biologics Control Act of
1902, leading to the 1906 formation of the US Food and Drug
Administration, or FDA ___________

4. Cowboy Roy Rogers’ best friend; brought sunshine (encouragement
and hope) into the lives of people worldwide (particularly children);
golden palomino stallion; originally named “Golden Cloud” __________

5. Orlov Trotter horse; horse owner claimed his horse was able to
perform arithmetic and other intellectual tasks; the study of this
human/horse relationship was undertaken to show an advanced
level of number sense in an animal; formal investigation brought
about important knowledge in the observer-expectancy effect and
later studies in animal cognition ___________

6. An outstanding early Quarter Horse stallion who influenced the breed
throughout the early years of the American Quarter Horse
Association; originally named Buttons; sire of many famous Quarter
Horses _____________

7. American Thoroughbred racehorse, coming from 20th position;
known for winning the 2008 Kentucky Derby and 2008 Preakness
Stakes ____________

8. A small bay stallion; became the foundation sire of the Morgan horse
breed; known for passing on his distinctive looks, conformation,
temperament and athleticism; known for versatility ___________

9. Favorite mount of Queen Elizabeth II; a black mare; ridden by the
Queen for Trooping the Color for 18 consecutive years from 1969 –
1986 ____________

10. German horse reportedly able to mentally extract the cube roots of
numbers (which he would tap out with his hooves); tested by
psychologists and scientists (his left foot represented the tens, while
his right foot represented the ones); known for being able to read
and do simple math _____________

11. Was a day away from being slaughtered when rescued; had been
severely abused which resulted in a very unkind demeanor; new
owners’ dedication turned this horse around to become a friendly,
affectionate, and playful horse; a Quarter Horse (originally named
Soda); new owner renamed horse after seeing a cloud pattern in the
sky that reminded her of a song; became one of the most famous
horses in the world of films and television ____________

12. Mascot of the University of Southern California; appears at all USC
home football games in the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum;
(including numerous Rose Parades); gray in color (referred to as
“white” by many) ____________

13. Horse was brought by the U.S. Army Cavalry to the campus of
University of California (which was breeding horses for the Calvary at that time);
was adopted as the official mascot of the men’s basketball team and
accompanied the team to games and rallies _____________

Here’s to the fun of remembering, wondering and questioning. These three things we experience when we are in the presence of one of these amazing animals. Hope you had fun with the trivia.
By: Deb Kitchenmaster