LSC Unlimited: Coaching And Business Building From the Inside Out

By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

Ever since he was 12 years old, Steven Conway knew two things: he wanted to be a pilot, and he wanted to have a career as a speaker. Both of those dreams have come true, and he’ll be the first to tell you that the road on his “epic journey” has had plenty of switchbacks and hairpin turns. I first met Steven when he spoke at our local BNI (Business Network International) meeting on May 14. In a world where it seems that there are fewer and fewer coincidences, I discovered that we were literally a few hundred feet away from each other on the day Saddam Hussein was arraigned by the Iraqis, on what was known then as Camp Victory South. You see, Chief Warrant Officer 4 Conway was waiting at Griffin Pad in “his” Chinook helicopter ready to take off and defend us if there were any incursions that demanded the transport of a Quick Response Force. I doubt I’ll ever tire of thanking him for his service and for keeping me safe.

Steven is a decorated pilot, has survived a helicopter crash, did several tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan, is married to Natasha, and is the father of two teenage boys. He and Natasha met in Panama when their parents were stationed there; he was 14 and she was 12. She has always been the love of his life, and he will be the first to tell you that she deserves many medals as the wife of a vet who has been deployed many, many times.

Steven is also someone who came to the point that he knew he was in trouble; multiple deployments, combat stress, PTSD, and alcohol combined to make a literal cocktail that could have ended his life. He chose instead to ground himself, get help, and while it was the hardest decision he ever made, the result has been nothing short of transformational for Steve, his family, and those he now helps in his new career. “I drove my truck to Emerald Coast Behavioral Health in Panama City. I pulled into the parking lot, sat there, drove away several times, and finally came back. I made myself walk through the door, and inside I saw a lot of guys just like me. It was there that my speaking career was born,” he told me. Rehab lasted for 90 days, and during that time, Steven began to discover that the other dream, that of his 12-year-old self was going to be fulfilled beyond what he could have ever imagined. “Life was poured into me, and I wanted to pour it into others,” he said.

After Steven finished rehab, he pursued and completed a bachelor’s degree in professional development from the University of Texas Austin. He also took additional training in linguistic cues that help people respond to choices and arrive at decisions. The combination of Steven’s military experience, struggles, rehab, and further education, along with the support of his wife and his community of faith, all converged to form LSC Unlimited, his successful personal coaching and speaking business.

One of the things that is near to Steven’s heart is helping veterans return to civilian life and thrive therein. When you have spent two decades having nearly every aspect of your life regulated, making a decision to become an entrepreneur can be especially daunting. Steven has several personal development packages that are client-led, custom-designed, and affordable. There is a complimentary discovery session, analysis of challenges as well as goals, and should the client decide that an individual personal development and coaching package is for them, the next three months will be intense, transformational, and will greatly facilitate developing accountability as a lifestyle. “It takes commitment on everyone’s part, Steven told me, and many of his clients “re-up” or decide to take advanced training.

Steven also tailor makes sessions for businesses that are stuck, HR managers that have complex staff issues to tackle, teams that need a breakthrough, and just about anyone who wants to become their best self and walk boldly in their calling. He concentrates on leadership development, and thoroughly educates his clients on the difference between being a manager and a leader. “You have to build both the leader and a culture of leadership,” said Steven. “LSC Unlimited gives you the foundation to win,” he added.

Steven is on a mission to help as many as he can “build a business from the inside out.” “Whatever is about me is about other people,” he says, and invites you to contact him for your discovery session, and hopefully a professional relationship which will help you become the ‘you’ you were designed to be.”
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner