Looking For The Right Position? Be Prepared For The Job Interview!

1-17-2014 4-01-05 PMHave you ever heard someone say, “I bombed that interview!”? Mostly likely the answer would be yes. We have also heard others say, “I nailed it and I think I got the job!” It takes a lot of work to truly be ready and successfully complete a job interview. Being prepared for the interview requires specific actions on the part of employers and perspective candidates.

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An interview is not a one but a two-way process. During the interview both parties are seeking to make an informed decision as to whether or not this is the right investment for their future. Employer investments include the fit with others in the organization, salary, training and other resources specific to the position, while perspective employees should determine if this is the right investment for them, taking into account key factors specific to their personal and family needs and goals.
As you are preparing for the job interview, take critical thought to ensure that you are in fact ready to successfully complete the interview and obtain a desired offer of employment.
1. Check yourself first! What’s on your social media sites? (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linked In) Employers will definitely check, so clean it up.
2. Research the company and match your skills to the open positions. Stop applying for everything.
3. Practice, practice, practice. Complete a mock interview with an objective friend for constructive feedback, and then follow it to be ready.
4. Know where you are going and arrive early.
5. Leave your cell phone in the car.
6. Be alert for the interview- Get a good night’s rest!
7. Dress professionally. Know what you are wearing before the day of your interview.
8. Speak with confidence, shake hands, make eye contact, exude confidence, and engage the person(s) you are speaking with.
9. Answer the questions asked by tying them back to relevant work experience, skills and education for the position.
10. Bring a portfolio, including a copy of your resume and samples of your work.
11. Always have questions prepared to ask the interviewer about the position. Remember this is a two-way process and you also want to make an informed decision.
12. Thank the interviewer for their time and send a thank you note via mail or email.

Until next time, be sincere, kind and intentional.
Jackie Warner, Career Development Facilitator
The Bridge “Where Community Matters”
Email: thebridge.us@gmail.com

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