Lois Shaw and The Amazing Body Wrap

Lois ShawMy name is Lois Shaw, and I would like to introduce to you The Amazing Body Wrap. Most of you ladies have heard about it, or maybe have read about it, but now you can actually try it right here in Athens, Alabama at Herbs & More. Herbs & More is located at 905 S Clinton, next to Champion Chevrolet. The Body Wrap has been around for many, many years, but because of cost it was the secret of the rich and famous. Now their secret can be your secret!

I welcome you ladies to allow me to guide you to a new, slim future. It gives me great pleasure to give a helping hand to so many ladies, and to know that when they see themselves in the mirror, they know they look good, and may even start loving themselves again.

Body WrapI have been doing Body Wraps for over 30 years. My background is in fashion merchandising. After finishing school, I started out in 1976 managing ladies’ clothing stores. This is where I saw so many ladies come in to the store, my heart went out to them as I watched them trying on clothing that was just too small. Literally, they were busting out seams and breaking zippers. This made me want to get into a business that could genuinely help these ladies. I moved to Atlanta, GA and went searching for some work in weight loss, and landed a job managing a Weight Reduction Center. I worked with this Weight Loss Center for 9 months, they then closed down, and in 1979 I opened up my own Diet Center in Atlanta, GA. About one year into the Diet Center opening, I was introduced to the Body Wrap. I went away to Florida for a week to get trained and certified and this was the happy start of a new career. I was then able to offer the Body Wrap to my clients and saw such amazing results. WOW! I must tell you that this is how I got the name THE AMAZING BODY WRAP, because I have seen such amazing results!

Body WrapFor five years, I ran the Diet Center which I had opened in Atlanta, closed it up, and then moved to Chicago. In 1985, I opened up a women’s health club called Slender MS. The Club had 12,000 square feet, and I offered toning tables, body wraps, diet counseling, a salad bar, praise aerobics, steam room, sauna room, hair salon, nail salon, facials, and a clothing boutique. Slender MS offered a full service club for women between 21 and 80 years old. It was a place to come and learn to love oneself.

I closed Slender MS in 2008 because my Mom got sick. She lived here in Athens, and I moved here to help take care of her. Since I moved here, I have just worked with private clients out of Curves for Women, and am now working here at Herbs & More.

I just want to say to you ladies in Athens-Limestone County that I see myself as a “Bad, Bad Lady.” (“Bad” in the good meaning of the word!) I love to dress, look good and feel great. I carry with me over 30 years of experience and as we start a new year, I reach my hand out to you to let me guide you to a New Slim Future. I love what I do, and I give 100% to all of my clients. So please, give me a call at 256-206-5540, or come by Herbs & More. Let me help you stop dreaming and start the New Year off right. I’ll be ready and waiting to help you!
By: Ali Elizabeth Turner

Lois Shaw